Education Department

General Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum and Instruction option offers advanced preparation for teachers in leadership, classroom curriculum, staff development, program development, and teaching in a diverse society. The program is designed for educators to expand their knowledge, reflect critically on theory, and design instruction that supports and advances diversity in all its forms. 

A maximum of 9 semester units may be transferred from another 4-year, accredited university, if they were taken as a post-bac student and are graduate level (5000 series or higher) and received a grade of a C or better. All courses transferred must be petitioned and approved by the Department Chairperson and the University’s Graduate Studies Office.

Courses in the Curriculum and Instruction option:

  • ERA 5900 - Introduction to Graduate Studies (3 units)
  • ECI 5500 - Expertise in Curriculum & Instruction (3 units)
  • ECI 5510 - Diversity & Cultural Perspectives (3 units)
  • ECI 5520 - Application of Knowledge to Instructional Models (3 units)
  • ECI 5530 - Leadership in Multicultural Communities of Learners (3 units)
  • ECI 5990 - Special Topics for Graduate Students (3 units)
  • ECI 5990 - Special Topics for Graduate Students (3 units)
  • ERA 6930 - Evaluating, Understanding, and Using Research Methodology (4 units)
  • ERA 6950/6960 - Master’s Degree Project/Thesis (6 units)
  • ERA 6990 - Master’s Degree Continuation (as needed) (0 units)

Total: 31 units