Education Department

Learning Outcomes

Key elements shared by the college/department/program mission are reflected in the overall Learning Outcomes common to all the graduate sub-plans in the Master of Arts Program in the Department of Education. Students are expected to display the SLOs of Leadership, Expertise, Application of Knowledge, and Diversity and Global Awareness that enable them to LEAD as professional educators who demonstrate:

LEADERSHIP by effectively communicating, collaborating and setting an example of advocacy that influences people to come together in promoting transformative educational policies, pedagogies, and practices that champion excellence, equity, and ethical responsibility for all students in diverse classrooms, schools, and communities.

EXPERTISE by engaging in the reflective study, application, synthesis, and evaluation of educational theories, contemporary issues, pedagogical practices, and research findings to develop an informed, problem-solving perspective that permeates professional inquiry, ethical commitment, and decisive action.

APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE by integrating theory, research and reflective practice to render professional judgments and choices in contexts that result in decisions and actions that promote the viability of classrooms of schools and learning and by designing and conducting research that is focused on an educational problem germane to the investigator's professional interests and concerns, systematically studied in an effective, ethical manner, and formally presented as an original contribution to educational scholarship.

DIVERSITY, TECHNOLOGY & GLOBAL AWARENESS by continuing to learn about the world in the context of rapidly emerging social and technological change in order to make informed decisions and take responsible actions to cultivate, develop, and celebrate human potential in all its diverse forms.