Financial Aid and Scholarships

Cal Poly Pomona Scholarships

Cal Poly Pomona has over 400 scholarship opportunities to support our students’ educational goals. Funding for our scholarships has been provided by generous donors to Cal Poly Pomona who believe in higher education and your ability to achieve academic success. 

The Bronco Scholarship Portal (BSP) allows students to apply for university scholarships via one application. The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships coordinates the scholarship application and awarding process with core committees from the various colleges, departments and organizations responsible for selecting recipients.

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Scholarships Offered by Cal Poly Pomona

This includes scholarships from the various Cal Poly Pomona colleges, departments, clubs and organizations. Most of these scholarships are part of the Scholarship Fest application cycle.  Scholarships are awarded for the upcoming academic year.

Cal Poly Pomona provides opportunities for scholarship awards to eligible Cal Poly Pomona students. New and continuing Cal Poly Pomona students are encouraged to apply through the online Bronco Scholarship Portal. New students do not need to be admitted to apply (but you must have a Cal State Application to Cal Poly Pomona and a student ID to apply).

Enrollment will be verified prior to scholarship disbursement. Scholarships may be based on any or all of the following criteria:

  • Educational and career objectives
  • Scholastic achievements
  • Financial need
  • Involvement in school or community service
  • Active affiliation with clubs and organizations
  • Special qualifications (talent, obstacles overcome, relationships)

Scholarship Fest is the Official Cal Poly Pomona Scholarship application cycle!  The cycle runs every October 1st through March 2nd for scholarships for the next academic year.

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The CPP Scholarships are offered by various colleges, departments, clubs, organizations and community members throughout the University. To apply, visit the Bronco Scholarship Portal (BSP) and complete the general application.

The application process for students is simple and fast. Based on university and application data, students are automatically matched to scholarships for which they are eligible. Selection of recipients is made by scholarship committees typically composed of university faculty and/or staff from the academic program or campus organization most closely affiliated with the scholarship.

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Cal Poly Pomona (Scholarship Fest) Cycle

Application - Selection - Disbursement


Application (October 1 - March 2)

  • Visit the Bronco Scholarship Portal (BSP)
  • Enter all requested information
  • Select scholarship(s), complete all required criteria and submit your application by the deadline

Selection (March 3 - June 30)

  • Scholarship review committees will review eligible scholarship applicants
  • Selected recipients will be notified of their award via their email and donor thank you letters may be requested from recipients
  • Financial Aid packages will be adjusted to include scholarship(s) awards

Disbursement (10 days prior to the start of the semester)

  • Scholarships will be awarded beginning in May and will continue through the summer
  • Disbursement of scholarships will occur nightly, but not earlier than 10 days prior to the first day of classes for each semester
  • Make sure to monitor your Bronco Direct account regularly for any Holds, Messages and To Do List items that may be required

Note: Disbursement of a scholarship is dependent on the criteria set by the donor. Recipient of a scholarship should be aware of the requirements of the awarded scholarship for disbursement.

  1. Go to the the Bronco Scholarship Portal (BSP) to review the available scholarships. Not all scholarships are posted at the same time, so be sure to check back every week.
  2. Fill out the general Bronco Scholarship Application (opens October 1st).  
  3. Click on specific scholarships to see additional requirements, such as short statements.  
  4. Complete any additional supplemental requirements by the deadline.
  5. While Scholarship Fest ends March 2nd, the Bronco Scholarship Portal (BSP) remains open all year as it is used for CSU Systemwide Scholarships as well as other scholarship opportunities.

In 750 words or less please write a personal statement discussing each of the following:

  1. Academic goals
  2. Career objectives
  3. Leadership activities
  4. Why this scholarship would be helpful to you
  5. (OPTIONAL) Any relevant information you feel the committee should take into consideration when assessing the application, including disadvantages or hardships work or volunteer experience related to your area of study, achievements worthy of mentioning, leadership activities, or any challenges you have encountered while pursuing your educational endeavors.

Many scholarships require submitting an essay as part of the application. Here are some tips:

Tips On How To Write A Personal Essay

What does a scholarship committee look for in a personal essay? The committee usually looks for an essay that demonstrates effort (i.e., neatness and presentation); an essay that showcases excellent writing ability and an essay that reveals the applicant’s outstanding achievements and personal qualities. You should view your personal statement the same as an in-person job interview, so before you start writing your essay, consider the suggestions written below.

Conduct an inventory of your accomplishments, personal strengths, and future goals

This process will help you organize your thoughts and structure your essay in a chronological order. It will also help you describe your strengths in such a way that will “grab” the readers’ attention making them want to continue reading.

Review the essay requirements

By understanding what the committee is looking for in a personal statement, you will be able to tailor your essay to meet the scholarship requirements. In other words, you will be able to write an essay that conveys the message that you are the best applicant.

Write in the active voice and keep your essay short and precise

Scholarship committee members usually have to read hundreds of essays. If your essay is too lengthy and poorly presented, you will lose the readers’ interest and they will stop reading. It is recommended that you write in the active rather than the passive voice. Using the active voice makes your writing stronger. For example, instead of writing, “The essay writing competition at Cal Poly Pomona was won by me,” you would want to write, “I won the essay writing competition at Cal Poly Pomona.”

Avoid controversial topics and issues

Since you do not know the readers’ personal beliefs and values, it is best to avoid controversial topics even though you may feel strongly about some of them. This avoids offending and alienating the readers.

Check your essay for grammar, typos and punctuation

Before submitting your essay, make sure that it is flawless. This means that your grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence construction should be perfect. Ask your brother, sister, friend or English professor to proofread your essay for grammatical errors and typos. Write clearly with concise and well-chosen words.

Be original

Write your essay with originality, sincerity and from your heart.