Jennifer Bonner, MALL

Date: October 04, 2019
Time: 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Location: Interim Design Center (IDC)
Haus Gables, Atlanta, Georgia (Image by NAARO)


Jennifer Bonner founded MALL, a creative practice for art and architecture, in 2009. MALL stands for Mass Architectural Loopty Loops. Or Miniature Angles & Little Lines. Or Maximum Arches with Limited Liability—an acronym with built-in flexibility. Jennifer is Associate Professor of Architecture and Director of the Master in Architecture II Program at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Born in Alabama, she attended Auburn University’s Rural Studio and Harvard GSD where her projects received an AR Award for Emerging Architecture and the James Templeton Kelley Prize. As a recipient of Emerging Voices Award (AIA/ Young Architects Forum), Progressive Architecture (P/A) Award and Next Progressives (Architect Magazine), her creative work has been published in architectural trade journals including Architect, Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Wallpaper, and Metropolis, as well as more experimental publications including a+t , DAMN, PLAT, Offramp, and MAS Context. She is author of A Guide to the Dirty South: Atlanta and a recent guest editor for ART PAPERS. Bonner has exhibited work at the Royal Institute of British Architects, National Building Museum, WUHO gallery, HistoryMIAMI, Yve YANG gallery, pinkcomma gallery, Istanbul Modern Museum, Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway, and Chicago Architecture Biennial.

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Jennifer Bonner
MALL (Mass Architectural Loopty Loops/Miniature Angles & Little Lines/aximum Arches with Limited Liability)