Study Abroad Programs

There are a number of study abroad programs available to Architecture students in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

California State University International Programs sponsors year-long study programs in: Florence, Italy; Copenhagen, Denmark; Chile and Mexico.  These are open to fourth year students in the B.Arch. program. Please contact either below or for further information on studying abroad:

California State University International Programs at:

Cal Poly Pomona's International Center:

Cal Poly Pomona has active exchange programs with Biberach Fachochschule, Germany and Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. Fourth-year B.Arch. students can attend the school in Biberach for a full year or for a semester (usually Spring semester), or Kyushu for a full year.

Please contact Cal Poly Pomona's International Center for additional information on studying abroad:

Architecture Department International Programs:

The Architecture Department has several summer or semester-long study abroad programs. These include a summer program in China and a semester (or a year) program in Taiwan. These programs are open to B.Arch students after their third year and to M.Arch. students after their second year.

Summer in China is a four-week interdisciplinary program open to students in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning. 

For further information, please contact:
Katrin Terstegen
(909) 869-4897