Study Abroad Programs

There are a number of study abroad programs available to Architecture students in Europe, Asia and Latin America: 

California State University International Programs sponsors year-long study programs in: Florence, Italy; Copenhagen, Denmark; Chile and Mexico.  These are open to fourth year students in the B.Arch. program. Please contact either below or for further information on studying abroad:

California State Univeristy International Programs at:

Cal Poly Pomona's International Center:

Cal Poly Pomona has active exchange programs with Biberach Fachochschule, Germany and Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.  Fourth year B.Arch. students can attend the school in Biberach for a full year or for a quarter (usually spring quarter) or Kyushu for a full year.

Please contact Cal Poly Pomona's International Center for additional information on studying abroad:

The Architecture Department has several summer or quarter-long study abroad programs.  These include a summer program in China and a fall quarter program in Taiwan.  These programs are open to B.Arch. students after their third year and to M.Arch. students after their second year.

Summer in China is a four week interdisciplinary program open to students in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning. 

For further information, please contact
Irma Ramirez
(909) 869-5335

Fall Quarter in Taiwan allows students to study at either Chao Yang University or the National Taiwanese University of Science and Technology. 

For further information, please contact
Hofu Wu
(909) 869-4527