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2024 Student Assistant Pay Schedule

Student Assistant Pay Schedule


Pay Period

Begin Date

End Date

Federal Work Study On-Campus Student Time Reports & Off-Campus Student Timesheets DUE to Financial Aid

Last day for Student Employee to enter/correct punches on Student Timesheet

Last day to review and approve Student Timesheet


MAX Hours*

Bridge Hours*


December 01
December 31
January 02, 2024
January 03, 2024
January 05, 2024
January 16, 2024
20 per week/40 (a)
January 01
January 30
January 31
February 01
February 05
February 15
20 per week/40 (a)
January 31
February 29
March 01
March 04
March 06
March 15
20 per week
March 1
March 31
April 01
April 02
April 04
April 15
20 per week/40 (a)
April 01
April 30
May 01
May 02
May 06
May 15
20 per week
May 01
May 30
May 31
June 04
June 05
June 14
20 per week (b)
40 per week (c)
06/2024 May 31
June 30
July 01
July 02
July 05
July 15
20 per week
40 per week (a)
July 01
July 30
July 31
August 01
August 05
August 15
20 per week
40 per week (a)
July 31
August 29
August 30
September 03
September 05
September 16
20 per week (d)
40 per week (e)
August 30
September 30
October 01
October 02
October 04
October 15
20 per week
October 01
October 30
October 31
November 01
November 05
November 15
20 per week
October 31
November 30
December 02
December 03
December 05
December 16
20 per week


December 01
December 31
January 02, 2025
January 03, 2025
January 07, 2025
January 15, 2025
20 per week/40 (a)

*Total Hours per week, per student employee (regardless of number of campus jobs/positions). The regular work week for the campus is from 12:01 a.m. on Sunday through midnight the following Saturday.

  • (a) Students NOT enrolled (0 units) and Spring Break Week (April 1 - April 5).
  • (b) Students employed for Spring Semester, but NOT enrolled (0 units) in Summer Session may work up to 40 hours after finals week.
  • (c) Student employees NEWLY hired by a department and NOT enrolled (0 units) in Summer Session may be hired as a BRIDGE Student after finals week, as early as May 20th.
  • (d) Student employees NEWLY hired by a department may be hired as early as August 12th for the Academic Year.
  • (e) BRIDGE Hours take Fall and Summer Semester enrollment(s) into consideration toward the maximum weekly allowable work hours.

  • Paychecks may be picked up at your department on the designated PAYDAYS. Paychecks will be mailed to students working off-campus.
  • Students are required to present their Bronco Access Card or Driver's License when picking up their paychecks.
  • Direct Deposit: For more information about direct deposit, please visit the direct deposit page.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code Section 3121(b) (10) excludes services performed by students employed by the university from Social Security and Medicare (FICA) coverage while actively enrolled as a student. 

This student exemption does not apply to services performed by an individual who is not enrolled in classes during breaks of more than five weeks, including summer breaks of more than five weeks.  

Employment appointments during “break” periods that do not qualify for the student FICA exemption are appointed to the non-represented “bridge” classification. 

Appointments to this classification require that the student pay 7.5% of all earnings into the Department of Personnel Administration Part-time, Seasonal and Temporary (DPA PST) retirement plan.  Additionally, student earnings are subject to Medicare taxes, currently 1.45% of all earnings.

Students may qualify to work as a Bridge Student Assistant during the summer only.  Students are not eligible to work in any student classification during the academic year unless they are enrolled with the minimum unit (6 unit undergrad/4 unit grad) requirements.

To qualify as a Bridge Student Assistant, the student must have been enrolled as a CSU student the previous spring semester with the required GPA and units, is currently not enrolled or enrolled in less than the required units, AND intends to enroll the following fall semester.

  • Bridge Student Assistants not enrolled in any classes may work up to 40 hours per week; regardless of the number of jobs held.
  • Bridge Student Assistants enrolled in less than 6.0 units (Undergrad) or 4.0 units (Graduate) may work up to 20 hours per week, regardless of the number of jobs held.

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