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Employee Count

The employee counts provided below are updated two times per year for the following reporting periods:

  • Snapshot data as of the October payroll is updated on the table below in November
  • Snapshot data as of the March payroll is updated on the table below in April

The table below includes two different counts:

  1. Head Count:  Each employee is counted only once, in the employment category where the employee has the greatest time-base. 
  2. Full-Time Equivalent (FTE): Full-time equivalent positions are the total number of full-time employees plus the full-time equivalent of the part-time employees. The result may be the actual calculation determined by the number of hours worked by all part-time employees divided by the average number of hours worked by a full-time employee.
Employee Counts by Reporting Period and Type of Count (Head Count or FTE)
Reporting Period and Type of Count Faculty Staff/MPP
Spring 2023 Head Count* 1,421 1,183
Spring 2023 FTE 1,035.9 1,179.4
Fall 2023 Head Count* 1,531 1,231
Fall 2023 FTE 1,062.2 1,168.6

*The head counts include all employees with the exception of other intermittent or casual employees (such as test proctors, commencement workers, etc.), student workers, Teaching Associates, and faculty teaching in Extended University.

CSU Employee Profile

The CSU employs more than 50,000 faculty and staff statewide. The tables provided in the CSU Employee Profile present information on the numbers of faculty and staff employed in various occupational categories, as well as the numbers employed at each campus.

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