International Agreements

International Agreements

International agreements:

All international agreements, contracts, or documents have to be approved by the President as per the Executive Order 1080. The following process is followed for processing international  Memorandums of Understanding and Exchange Agreements:  

1. Memorandums of Understanding

  • A faculty or staff member may initiate collaborative relationship with foreign university or partner. If supported by the Academic College administration (Dean/Associate Dean), the Executive Director of Global Initiatives will prepare a standard Memorandum of Understanding for the review of the CEU Dean and  Provost, and for the approval of the President. All documents are held at the CEU Dean’s Office electronically.
  • This MOU does not commit CPP to any resources and does not allow faculty or student exchange programs.    

2. Exchange Agreements

  • A faculty or staff member may initiate an exchange agreement. If supported by the Academic College Administration, Executive Director of Global Initiatives, and the Dean of the College of the Extended University, the exchange agreement proposal is processed through the CSU SharePoint. Each exchange agreement is processed by the Study Abroad/Exchange Coordinator. The final agreement is reviewed by the CEU Dean and Provost and approved by the President.

3. Agreements

  • All contracts and agreements are processed by Procurement.   

Failure to follow university policies regarding contracts may result in personal liability. (January 20, 2015 email guidance by Division of Administrative Affairs to CPP campus community.)

Exceptions to the Attached Signature Authority

Examples of Delegations of Authority letters include:

  • Service Learning Agreements are delegated to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs per presidential memorandum dated March 22, 2010 and in conjunction with EO 1064:

Procurement Related Agreements are delegated to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs per various presidential memorandums and in conjunction with the following Executive Orders.