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Follow this checklist and complete all required steps by deadlines.

Onboarding Checklist

Fall I-20s will be issued starting March 1.

Spring I-20s will be issued starting October 1.


Financial documentation must be issued on or after the following dates. Documents issued prior to these dates are considered invalid.  
  • Fall: must be issued on or after February 25. 
  • Springmust be issued on or after July 25.
Complete I-20 e-Request as soon as your admission to CPP is confirmed.

Important: an "I-20 Immigration Documents" hold will be removed from your student account when your I-20 e-request is approved. 

Fall Deadline: June 15

*Please note that June 15 deadline for the I-20 request is only for brand new students who never got F-1 status before. If you are a transfer student, coming to CPP in the Fall 2024 semester, the June 15 deadline does not apply to you. In addition to submitting the immigration and financial verification documents to us, please make sure to inform your current school’s DSO of when you would like them to release your SEVIS record to our school, so we can issue the CPP I-20. For more information, please see step 3 on the checklist.

Spring Deadline: January 5 

Check your CPP I-20 page 1 under "Form Issue Reason" to determine the type of I-20 you have.

Transfer your SEVIS (I-20) record to Cal Poly Pomona (SEVIS school code: LOS214F00334000) if you meet any of the following conditions and have otherwise maintained your F-1 status:
  • You are currently in the United States, studying at a U.S. institution, and will transfer to CPP
  • You have completed a program at a U.S. institution and will begin a new program at CPP
  • You have attended a U.S. institution or completed a program in the United States, and are currently outside the United States, but plan on re-entering to attend Cal Poly Pomona
  • You have completed a program and are currently pursuing Optional Practical Training (OPT) in the United States but will start a new degree program at CPP
Fall Deadline: August 5 
Spring Deadline: January 7

Once your SEVIS record has been released to Cal Poly Pomona, you must enter the United States on the CPP “Transfer Pending” I-20 if you plan to travel outside the country before starting your program.

Why Do I Need to Transfer My SEVIS record?

When you entered the United States as an F-1 status student, you were issued an I-20 with a unique SEVIS identification number. Transferring your SEVIS record allows you to keep your unique ID number, which is critical for maintaining legal status.

How to Transfer Your SEVIS Record

The guidelines for transferring your SEVIS record to Cal Poly Pomona vary depending on your situation.

No matter what your current status is, you must request (often in writing) that the institution you currently attend or have most recently attended enter the SEVIS database to release your SEVIS record to Cal Poly Pomona. The international office at your institution will be able to help you with this request. You should be asked by your institution for documentation that shows that you have been accepted to Cal Poly Pomona.

See below for additional information pertaining to your situation.
  • You have completed a program at a U.S. institution and will begin a new program at CPP.
    • You must request release of your SEVIS record and have that release granted within 60 days following the completion of your former program. Additionally, you must start your program at Cal Poly Pomona within five months of the completion of your former program.
    • For example, if you completed your bachelor’s degree at your former school on May 4, you must request and receive a SEVIS transfer no later than July 3 and you must begin your new program no later than October 3.
  • You have either studied at or completed a program at another U.S. institution and are currently outside the United States, but plan on re-entering to attend CPP.
    • You can be outside the United States for no more than five months without being registered for course work here to be eligible for a SEVIS transfer.
    • If you plan to be outside the country for more than five months and do not intend to register in U.S. based course work during this time, or have been outside of the United States for more than five months already, you will not be eligible for a SEVIS transfer. We will need to make a new I-20 with a new SEVIS ID for your re-entry; you will need to pay the SEVIS fee again. You will also need to apply for a new F-1 visa per Department of State regulations.
  • You have completed a program and are currently pursuing OPT in the United States, but will start a new degree program.
    • Your OPT will end on the date that your SEVIS record is released to CPP. Therefore, if your OPT start date is May 1 and you request that your former institution release your SEVIS record to us on June 10, your OPT ends on June 10 and you will no longer be eligible to work using that authorization. OPT authorization is not transferable.
    • If you intend to have your SEVIS record transferred after your OPT ends, you will need to keep in mind that you must request the release of your SEVIS record and have that release granted within 60 days following the completion of your OPT.
    • Once you have completed the requirements listed above and have been formally admitted, your new I-20 will be created by the ISSO at CPP. Our staff will make arrangements to send the I-20 to you.
Are You in the U.S. in Another Status and Need to Change to F-1 Status?

It may be possible to change to another status, but there is a specific process you must complete. Learn how to change your visa status.

As soon as you receive your I-20, schedule your visa appointment at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to apply for an F-1 visa. 

If you are living outside the U.S., you must obtain a passport from your government before applying for a visa.

Canadian citizens do not need a visa. Simply present following to the immigration officer at the U.S. port of entry:
  • CPP I-20
  • SEVIS fee receipt
  • Financial documentation
  • Proof of admission to CPP
  • Passport may be required depending on your method of travel.
For more information, visit the U.S. Department of State’s travel pages

All international students are required to purchase the CPP Student Health Insurance Plan. Enrollment will begin on April 2


  • Purchase of health insurance is required to register for classes.
  • A “health insurance” hold is placed on your student record and will be removed after you purchase the plan (within 48 hours, business days).

If you arrive in the U.S. before the 2024-2025 coverage dates (8/15/2024-08/14/2025), please purchase a separate short-term insurance plan to cover any medical needs that may occur.

For more information: 
  • International Student Orientation (immigration session): All F-1 international students (new and transfer in) are required to attend the mandatory international student orientation on Tuesday August 20 (for undergraduate students) and Wednesday August 21 (for graduate students). A meal will be provided at the meeting. Contact for additional information. (Note: This is in addition to the required campus orientation.)
  • Undergraduate students: contact the Office of New Student Programs & Family Engagement regarding the mandatory orientation requirement at or (909) 869-3604.
  • Graduate students: contact your Academic Department regarding orientation requirements for your program. 

Keep in mind:
  • You may enter the U.S. 30 days before the start date noted in item 5 on the I-20 form. Make your travel arrangements with this date in mind. 
  • Your I-20 does not require a travel signature for your initial entry into the U.S. 
    • The ISSO advisors cannot sign your document for travel and reentry to the U.S. until you have registered full-time for your first term.


The U.S. government requires all F-1 students (SEVIS transfer students included) to officially “check-in” with their university when they begin a new program of study in the U.S.
  • No appointment or meeting is required — check-in is 100% online
  • Incomplete check-ins endanger your visa status. The ISSO will put a hold on your university account if this process is not done correctly.
  • Start the Immigration Check-In
Fall Deadline: August 31
Spring Deadline: January 30
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