International Students

Known for its outstanding academic programs, Cal Poly Pomona offers excellent education for international students who wish to pursue a degree in the United States.

Of the current 1000 international students, 250 are English language learners, and 750 study in academic programs:

The International Center is open from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday and is open to students. The Center includes a student lounge, areas for studying and group meetings, a computer room, coffee, and refreshments. Student advisors are available to answer your questions. Study Abroad and Exchange Program information library is also located at the Center.

Come learn, work, and relax with students from all over the world!

The International Center staff supports international students once they begin attending Cal Poly Pomona through campus life assimilation, social and informational events, programs, and student advising services.

We are here for Your success!


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