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Campus Repopulation - Client Services

Reconnecting Computing Equipment:

As staff and faculty begin to repopulate the campus starting on June 21st, there will be a large number of requests for assistance regarding office and mobile technology equipment - including the reconnection of computers, monitors, laptops, docking stations, phones, networking, etc.  Although many users will be able to reconnect their equipment without assistance from IT, if assistance is needed, we are requesting that you schedule time with our team in advance so service can be provided in a coordinated manner. Scheduling time with our team will allow us to properly schedule resources and provide our users with the best experience. You may schedule time as an individual or for your department by using the URL scheduling links below.  

You may contact the IT Service Desk at any time if you have any questions.

Once you have scheduled an appointment, an IT technician will meet you and/or your team at the provided location based on your request.  If you have any special requests or custom office setups, please include this information when you book your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can change your monitor or display settings within the Windows "Display" window by clicking Start  > Settings  > System Display or pressing the special keyboard "Windows key + P"  Under the "Multiple displays" section, you may select "Extend desktop to this display".  You may also use the "Display" settings window to change your monitor positions to correspond to how your physical monitors are setup on your desk.  Please refer to the following Microsoft how-to videos for additional assistance.

Most office phones are set up by connecting an ethernet cable from your office or cubical wall jack to your phone.  A second ethernet cable is then attached from your phone to your computer or docking station.

Please remember to bring all of the computing cables with your devices when returning your equipment to the office.  If you have any questions in reconnecting your devices or are missing cables, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.  You may also request an appointment with an on-site IT technician to assist with any office computing setups as needed.

A number of departments, staff and faculty members configured their office phone extensions to forward to their cell phone while working remotely.  Many campus users also utilized Jabber to manage calls while working from home.  You may adjust office phone extension settings as needed with Jabber or by contacting the IT Service Desk for further assistance.

Please refer to the Jabber call forwarding and phone management eHelp article for additional information.

If you need your phone or extension moved to a new location, please submit a Move an Exisiting Phone ticket or contact the IT Service Desk for further assistance.  If you need to change an existing phone function such as the caller ID, voicemail, or call forwarding behavior, please submit a Change an Existing Phone ticket.