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Attention: Beginning May 2, 2021, the library will reopen as a "by reservation" study space to support students nearing finals. Please visit our Services Available During COVID-19 page for more information on this pilot.

Physical items are available to check out now through our 24/7 Bronco Lockers. You may still utilize our Document Delivery services to request articles digitally. Virtual Course Reserve services will still be provided. If you would like to return your books, please return at any of our book return locations.

Library materials may be returned to the University Library at the 1st floor, Self-Check In machines (located in the 1st floor lobby or outside the entrance on the South wall).

As a courtesy, during the hours that the library is closed, there are 2 bookdrops on campus where you may return library materials.

The first outside bookdrop is located in front of the student services building. To drive up to the bookdrop, drive up Red Gum Lane towards the parking structure , turn left into the one-way street and stay in the left-most lane. It will be on the driver's side.



A second outdoor bookdrop is located outside of the Bronco Bookstore near the 24/7 Bronco Lockers, facing parking Lot 'G.'

The library will pick up books between 9-10 am (varies) for check-in. Any items deposited after the pickup will be checked in the following day. It is the borrower's responsibility to return materials on time.

Access Services