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Resource Sharing is an alternative offered when materials are not available at the University Library. Cal Poly Pomona offers two services when these inconveniences arise: CSU+ and Document Delivery. CSU+ is a  consortium program between all 23 CSU libraries. We recommend requesting through CSU+ first when items are not available at Cal Poly Pomona. This service is typically faster than Document Delivery.

Interlibrary loan and document delivery are services provided for faculty, staff, and students. The Library uses interlibrary loan and document delivery to obtain information not available in our collections and must do so in a fiscally responsible manner. In some cases, there is no charge for obtaining the materials. However in some cases, the Library incurs costs charged by other libraries and to obtain copyright permissions. Copyright law forbids any library from requesting, in anyone year, more than five articles from the same journal published within the last five years, Copyright Policy.

Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to be judicious in making requests via interlibrary loan. Librarians are available to work with faculty and students to refine searches and narrow selections so that unnecessary requests are not placed. Also if you need assistance gathering research materials for your project consult with your subject librarian, they are here to help.

Due to the existing budget situation, the Library must limit both active requests and requests that incur costs.

Presently there are no restrictions on the overall number of requests that a user can submit.  However, users are limited in regard to the number of "active" requests that they may have at any one time.  An "active" request is any request that has a status of:  Request sent, Customer notified via e-mail, Checked out to customer, In transit, and/or Delivered to web.  The limits on active requests at any one time are as follows:

  • Faculty - 20 active requests
  • Staff - 15 active requests
  • Graduate - 15 active requests
  • Undergrad - 10 active requests

Please contact the Interlibrary Loan office if you have questions about your pre-set active limit.

In cases where the University Library incurs costs, there are limits to the number of such requests placed in a fiscal year:

  • For faculty, the limit per fiscal year is 10 requests.
  • For students, the limit per fiscal year is 5 requests.

Additional requests that incur costs will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the Library's ability to fund these are dependent on available library funds. 

Resource sharing services are only available to currently enrolled Cal Poly Pomona students, staff and faculty. This service is NOT AVAILABLE to alumni, special borrowers, friends, relatives and spouses of Cal Poly Pomona students, staff or faculty, or students from other colleges. Resource Sharing requests will not be processed for patrons with a delinquent status with the library or whose ID has expired.

Please always check the Library Catalog before requesting anything from our Resource Sharing services.