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About Electronic Reserves

Attention: Course Reserves is still offering services via electronic resources during COVID-19. Faculty can find information on how to provide these services to students on our Course Reserve Services for Faculty page.

Electronic reserves, or eReserves, are readings and materials that are made available to students enrolled in a course at CPP. These readings are accessible via the Blackboard pages associated with those courses. eReserves consist of materials such as book chapters, articles, web links, etc.

eReserve material must be ADA compliant.

When adding eReserves, we must follow the Faculty Guidelines (e.g., copyright Guidelines

How can we help?

The library can assist faculty with digitizing materials and adding them to the Blackboard appropriate course page.

1- Make your course(s) available:

  • Activate your Blackboard course.
  • Give ldjones/Leslie Jones "Course Builder" status.

How to create a "Course Builder" in Blackboard and submit our eReserve material

2- Submit your course documents to library staff:

  • Library owned material-- fill out the form via the web "Faculty Reserve Request Form" (e.g., eBook, eJournal, book chapter)
  • Photocopies--Come to the Library, Bldg. 15 during library open hours at the Circulation/Reserve Desk, 2nd floor with your copies (e.g., book chapters, articles, etc.)
  • Digitize Documents--E-mail: or (e.g., PDF format, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)


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