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Sample Draft Letter to Publisher


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Dear Publisher/Copyright Holder:

The copyrighted material cited on the attached form(s) is required reading for my course [insert course number and name here] at Cal Poly Pomona University. I am requesting permission to place the cited material at the Library's Reserve Desk in print format and in the Electronic Reserve System in digital image format. Online access is restricted to students, faculty, and staff of Cal Poly Pomona University and is delivered free of charge. Material can only be accessed by searching for a particular course or professor and is not accessible by author or title. A copyright compliance statement will be attached to each document in the Electronic Reserve System.

Because time is of the essence, I would appreciate an early reply to our request. Thank you for helping me provide efficient access to quality material for my students. If you do not solely control copyright in the requested materials, I would appreciate any information you can provide about others to whom I should write, including most recent addresses if available.


Copyright Permission needed for the following Material(s) [attach as needed]:

Book Title:

Journal Title:



Chapter # or Title:

Article Title:





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