Student Achievements

Jessica Jackson

Jessica Jackson, a Master's student in Dr. Wei-Jen Lin's laboratory, was awarded the scientific discipline award for her poster presentation on Study of Autolysins and Autolysis Patterns of Clostridium botulinum at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in San Jose, California (November 2012). The award recognizes students in 12 different scientific disciplines who excel in their research and presentation thereof. Her scientific discipline was Microbiology with a subdiscipline of Bacteriology. Read more

Nick Sullivan

Frustration is what changed Nick Sullivan from biochemistry student to chief executive officer of his own company. While working at a Cal Poly Pomona lab last summer, he was assigned to transfer worms to different sets of petri dishes. Sullivan was disappointed that the dishes were easily contaminated with bacteria and resolved to fix the problem. He tinkered with a few ideas until he found a solution: a portable device that blows sterile air onto work stations. Read more