College of Science

Semester Conversion

FAQs about Semester Conversion for Biology Majors

Should I switch to semester curriculum?

Markers, Milestones, and Flexibility: a guide for students converting from quarters to semesters

What should I take for Statistics and Biometrics?

What happened to the BOT, MIC, and ZOO course designations?

  • They will no longer exist under semesters. All courses with these designations convert to BIO designations

I’ve only completed part of the Foundation Series: What do I do? 

What Required Courses will I be able to take in semesters? 

What courses will be offered in semesters? (pdf)

What electives should I take?

How will semester courses count for my graduation requirements?

Which course should I use for grade forgiveness?

For more information, you can consult with a departmental advisor

Also, see the University's web site for more information on university Semester Conversion