Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Research

Why Do Research?

  • Experience the excitement of doing science, making scientific discoveries, not just learning scientific concepts and facts--how science actually works
  • Important for being competitive to get into graduate school, professional school, or getting a good job
  • Find out if you want to do research for a career
  • Networking—get to know a professor who can write a strong letter of recommendation
  • Make new friends
  • Travel to present at scientific conferences
  • Stipends may be awarded through research programs and/or from faculty member's research grant
  • Earn units towards degree for doing research (For applicability, please verify with your curriculum sheet and the course description in the Catalog)
    • BIO 2000 or BIO 4000: Special Study
    • BIO 4410: Internship (required as a core for Biotechnology and Environmental Biology majors)
    • BIO 4610: Undergraduate Research
    • BIO 4620: Senior Thesis
    • Use this form to enroll in the courses above

How to Get Involved in Undergraduate Research?

  • Talk to Professors doing research in areas of interest to you
  • Many professors have their own website—describes research
  • Professors can accommodate only so many research students—limited time, space, money for research; get yourself known by the professors and be prepared when visiting.
  • Take courses with professors in your areas of interest. Easier to approach them if they know you from class. Professors more likely to admit you into their research program
  • Best to communicate in person. Go to office hours.
  • Do your homework. “I read that you are doing research on __________. I’m really interested in your research on ________, and would like to be involved in a research project.
  • Sell yourself if necessary: “I've taken courses in _____, ____, and made “A” grades.” I really enjoy my lab courses. Foundations of Biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry,
  • Talk with TA. TAs doing research for Master's degree—information on professors and areas of research.
  • Go to undergraduate research conferences on campus (see the list below)
  • Apply to on campus or off campus research scholarship programs (see the list below)

Scholarship and Grants

visit CPP Office of Undergraduate Research

Faculty with research interests

Research Programs On Campus

  • See a list of programs under OUR CPP (Office of Undergraduate Research at Cal Poly Pomona)

Summer Research Programs and Internships Off Campus

Undergraduate Research Conferences - On Campus

Undergraduate Research Conferences - Regional and National

Other Resources