Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

SLO 1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of core concepts spanning scales from molecules to ecosystems, by analyzing biological scenarios and data from scientific studies. Students will correctly identify and explain the core biological concepts involved relative to: biological evolution, structure and function, information flow, exchange, and storage, the pathways and transformations of energy and matter, and biological systems.

SLO 2. Students will select and competently use laboratory equipment, field equipment, and technologies to collect and manage data, consistent with professional expectations in the biological sciences.

SLO 3. Students will demonstrate the ability to ask and answer questions in the biological sciences by applying the process of science to designing and conducting experiments. To this end, students will appropriately use models and simulations, construct explanations based on evidence derived from the analysis of data, and explain the interdisciplinary nature of science as appropriate.

SLO 4. When given problems or proposing, designing and analyzing biological research questions, students will demonstrate competency in critical thinking, quantitative, analysis and oral and written communication skills essential to career development in the biological sciences by presenting their work both orally and in writing in a manner consistent with professional expectations.