Biological Sciences

Biology Internship Opportunities

Internship in Biology (BIO 4410) course is required for majors in Biotechnology and in Environmental Biology, and it serves as an upper division elective for Biology majors. The goal is for students to apply and expand the knowledge and skills they had already developed in traditional classrooms. Students learn to solve real world problems working hand in hand with professionals in their discipline, making for a seamless transition to the professional workplace or towards advanced degrees in graduate and professional schools.

Students may get credit by enrolling in BIO 4410 for volunteer or paid, off-campus or on-campus work related to their major. Students may register for 1 unit for each 60 hours of work, up to 3 units per semester. Biology majors could apply a maximum of 4 units of BIO 4410 as Emphasis Electives. Majors in Biotechnology and Environmental Biology could apply an additional 3 and 2 units of BIO 4410 (and/or BIO 4610), respectively, toward Emphasis Electives. 

How to Sign up for BIO 4410?

  • Students must identify an internship sponsor prior to registering in BIO 4410.
  • BIO 4410 should be taken concurrently with internship.
  • Student must complete the form for BIO 4410 Internship Learning Plan available in the Department Office or online (PDF). This form requires signatures of your Job Supervisor (with his/her business card) and the designated department Internship Coordinator. Submit the signed form to the Department Office for a permission number to enroll in BIO 4410.
  • Grading is based on evaluations from the internship supervisor and the report submitted by the student. 

Who are the Internship Coordinators?

Cal Poly Pomona Biotechnology Internship Program

Interested students please contact Dr. Lin to be added to the Biotechnology Internship CANVAS site for internship resources and communications.