Biological Sciences

Course Plan / Graduate Contract Instructions

For students who started the program Fall 2022 or later:

  • If you started the program Fall 2022 or later, then you will complete a Course Plan in BIO 5800L (required course taken your first semester). Each spring semester, you will update your Course Plan together with your Thesis Timeline. You will submit these updated documents each spring semester together your Annual Graduate Student Progress Report. You also will use your Degree Progress Report (DPR) on BroncoDirect to monitor your coursework progress. Please note that DPR errors are rampant; therefore, you must follow your progress based on your Course Plan (updated annually) in consultation with your major professor. Questions can be emailed to the Graduate Coordinator.

For students who started the program prior to Fall 2022:

  • The program or contract form is the graduate equivalent of a "curriculum sheet." As an undergrad, you may have had a "curriculum sheet" which detailed the courses and other requirements for your degree. Since the courses required for the MS degree are determined on an individual basis, there is no standard "curriculum sheet". Instead, this form is used to determine the curriculum for each student. Note that you cannot graduate without having filed this form.
  • Fill out the GS101 form for the year you entered the Master’s program (see below for detailed instructions). Once the form is complete, submit the form through PolyDoc (under Program of Study – Master’s Contract) and include your major professor’s information as the Advisor.
  • Download the form and instructions for the term that you began the program:
  • You should have completed your contract by week 6 of your second semester in the program. Registration holds will continue to be placed for incomplete contracts. A contract is complete when the student, advisor, graduate coordinator, department chair, dean, and graduate studies have approved it. 
  • If you wish to amend your current contract, you must submit a Graduate Academic Petition (see forms page). Do NOT file a new GS101 to make changes to your contract. The Graduate Academic Petition is specifically designed to allow deletion and addition of courses to your GS101. If your additions/deletions change the total number of units in your program, be sure to indicate the change in the total units in the "Statement of Action other than Course Substitution" section.
  • ALL approvals must be made through PolyDoc. No other type of signatures will be accepted by Graduate Studies.
  • IMPORTANT: Priority for TA positions and graduate student research funds will be given to students who submit their contract on time (by week 6 of the second semester in the program).
  • Save a copy of your contract for future reference.