Program for the MS Degree ("GS-101" or "Contract")

This form/worksheet should only be used by students entering the program prior to Fall Quarter 2011

The Program for the Master of Science Degree in Biological Sciences (also known as the "GS-101" or the "Contract") is completed using an Excel file. 

Suppervisory Courses 

To enroll in suppervisory courses use this form.

Thesis Proposal (BIO 6930)

There is a packet of forms you need for your thesis proposal (BIO 693). These forms are part of the required assessment of the graduate program. Everything you need is in a single pdf file (9 pages, 67 KB). The first page has instructions.

Thesis Proposal Forms (PDF)

Thesis Defense - Graduation

There is a packet of forms you need for your thesis defense. Everything you need is in a single pdf file (12 pages, 168 KB):

Thesis Defense Forms (PDF)

The first page of the packet has the instructions, please read them carefully. Included in the packet are the following forms:

  1. Report of Thesis Defense and Acceptance of Thesis (1 page; 1 copy)
  2. Report of Culminating Experience (Online Form)
  3. Graduate Assessment - STUDENT form (2 pages; 1 copy)
  4. Graduate Assessment - FACULTY form (2 pages; 3 copies)

The last page is not a form, but rather a statement of suggestions/guidelines with respect to the topics that may be discussed at your defense.

If you have questions after reading the instructions on the first page, contact the Department Graduate Coordinator.

Other Graduate Forms

Many graduate forms are available from the University Graduate Studies Office. Available forms include:

  • Graduate Academic Petition (PolyDoc) - changes to program; waiver of residency
  • Teaching Associate / Graduate Assistant (TA/GA) Fee Waiver Application
  • Request by an Undergraduate for Graduate/Undergraduate Credit
  • Request for Grad Check
  • Petition to Change/Add Degree Objective
  • Leave of Absence request

Some forms are available from the Registrar's Office Online Forms Page. Available forms include:

If you require Adobe Acrobat Reader to access PDF files, download the free software from the Adobe website.

If you require Microsoft Excel Viewer to access Excel files, download the free software from the Microsoft Excel downloads page.