Biological Sciences

Advising FAQs

  • All students are assigned an advisor in the College of Science Advising Center. Your assigned College of Science advisor can be found in your Student Center, via CPP Connect or here.
  • For general advising questions, such as DPR checks, graduation checks, petitions, holds, registration questions, or GE courses, see your assigned advisor.
  • For change of major requests, career-related questions and questions concerning the content of upper-division electives, you can visit a faculty advisor. Faculty advisors are not assigned. You can see available faculty advisors here.
  • If you are unsure of who you should visit, please contact your assigned advisor or the Bronco Advising Center.

  1. College of Science Advising Center (8-306) Make appointments via CPP Connect
    • Advising holds for GPA, At-Risk, Probation, and 125% (Canvas workshop & quiz)
    • 4-and 2- Year Pledge advising
    • Registrar Office forms that require advisor signatures, especially for petitions for transfer credits for lower division courses and GE courses, Grade Forgiveness, and Exceed Unit Cap forms
    • Curriculum planning and questions, especially for lower division, and GE courses
    • General Petitions
    • Major-specific DPR or transfer credit problems
    • Graduation Check
  2. Major Faculty Advisors List of Faculty Advisors
    • Major-related curriculum planning, especially for upper division core and electives, as well as emphasis electives
    • Career advising related to your major program
    • Change of major advising (change of major
  3. Internship and Career Advising

  • An academic advising hold can prevent you from adding classes for the upcoming term. Please note that an advising hold will NOT drop your previously enrolled courses or prevent you from graduation
  • Please read the description of your hold carefully and make an appointment to see your advisor (your advisor can be found in your Student Center or via CPP Connect). GPA-related holds may require the completion of a Canvas-based workshop and quiz.