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Advising tools

The following two sets of advising tools are designed to assist students and their advisors:

  • Curriculum sheets list the core and support courses required for a particular major and suggest general education classes that will result in the most efficient path to a degree in that major.
  • Road maps are a quarter-by-quarter plan of the courses required for a particular major and also include reminders and major-specific advice.

Computer Information Systems
Curriculum Sheet (PDF) | Road Map (PDF)

Change of major to CIS

Change of major meetings are scheduled at the beginning of each quarter.

College of Business Administration Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) in Building 164, Room 1060, is designed to help all CBA majors by: (1) providing general academic information; (2) assisting in the completion/processing of various university forms (e.g., general academic petitions, drop petitions); and (3) maintaining a supply of most university petitions and forms. Please visit SSC and find out what services they offer.

CIS advising

Dr. Dan Manson, in Building 164, Room 1022 A, is advising.  Check the CIS faculty page for his office hours.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a hold removed?
Each department is responsible for removing holds assigned to them. The CIS holds are usually for first or second strike in a CIS core class (CIS231, CIS234, CIS304, CIS305, CIS307, CIS311 and CIS315) and a low GPA. If you have a CIS first strike hold for a CIS core class or GPA hold for a GPA above 2.0 but below 2.2, please see Professor Carlin. If you have a CIS second strike hold for a CIS core class or a GPA hold for a GPA below 2.0, please see the department chair.

Do I need to take MAT125 Business Calculus?
For students with 2009-2010 curriculum years to present, you NEED to take MAT125. Students with an earlier curriculum year do NOT need to take MAT125. If you change your curriculum year to be the same as your graduation year, you DO need to take MAT125. There are two exceptions:

  1. If you took MAT114 AND MAT115 with a C or better, we can petition a substitution for MAT125. Please see the advisor to start the process.
  2. If you took the AP Calculus BC exam with a score of 3 or better, that can also be petitioned as a substitute for MAT125. Please see the advisor to start the process.

How many classes do I have left?
In BroncoDirect, the Degree Progress Report lists those classes (whether taken here, at a community college or through an AP test) that satisfy your degree requirements and indicates which classes you still need to take. Sometimes the report is missing some information such as a class that was petitioned or GE certification. If you feel something is missing, please meet with an advisor to get it cleared up and reflected on your Degree Progress Report.

Do I need to complete a prerequisite for a class?
Prerequisite courses are required to promote success in subsequent courses. A prerequisite is a course that must be completed before taking the next course. For example, CIS234 is a prerequisite for CIS304, CIS305 and CIS307.

Does CS141 substitute for CIS234?
If you received a C or better in CS141, you will need to complete a Request for Course Substitution or Acceptance of Transfer Coursework form to make the substitution for CIS234. Please see the advisor to complete the paperwork and start the approval process.

How do I add a class when I have a prerequisite error message that is incorrect?
Using your Cal Poly Pomona email account, email the department office at with the CRN for the class you want to add and list the prerequisites that you have taken and where the prerequisites were taken. All this information must exist already in BroncoDirect. Once the prerequisites are verified, you will be emailed the permission number.

How can I get a permission number to override prerequisites when my transfer transcripts haven't been entered?
You need to bring an unofficial transcript showing the class completed that is a prerequisite to a class here. Bring the unofficial transcript to the department office in Building 164, first floor, Room 1022. Once your prerequisites have been verified by the department secretary, you will be provided a permission number.

CIS career advising

Carlin - IS Audit, Cyber Security
Carlton - Forensics, Management Information Systems
Curl - Software Development
Hwang - Web Programming, Web Security, eCommerce, Social Media
Ma - Business Systems Analysis, Application Programming
Manson - Security, Information Assurance
Navarrete - Telecommunications, Networking
Pike - Tele/data communications, information assurance, information security
Preiser - Database, Project Management, Business Systems Analysis
Westfall - Web Development, eCommerce, Entrepreneurship