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About Electronic Reserves

The Chancellor's Office has developed a Unified Library Management System for all of the CSU libraries, that will begin Summer Quarter 2017.  Due to the new system, our University Library will provide eReserve exclusively through CPP Blackboard Learn Management System starting Spring 2017.

We are migrating from the library’s eReserve system to provide a more consistent user experience that will benefit both students and instructors since they are already familiar with the functionality of Blackboard.  The benefits to this move are:

  • We are streamlining campus services & security by eliminating duplication of services and allow students to use their bronco account information as they do with other services on campus instead of having to also remember a library PIN to use eReserve.
  • We are giving instructors an option to choose if they want to upload their course content themselves into Blackboard or grant the library staff permission to assist by giving them “Course Builder” status.

The library staff will continue to download and archive materials from eReserve to prepare them for migration to Blackboard.  Through the fall & winter quarters, students will continue to have access to the library’s eReserve course documents through the library’s home page.  In the event that instructors want to start migrating document/contents to Blackboard right-away, the library staff will help with the transitioning of the two systems.

  • Activate your Blackboard course, if you have not done so already. 

For Help:

We will always give assistance to instructors to upload their course content beyond the migration period. 

☞  The basic procedure for adding eReserve on Blackboard will not change (See Faculty Guidelines). 

To submit eReserve, course documents:

  • Library-owned materials-library staff will search & scan a book chapter that the library owns; add a ebook or ejournal link--fill out the form via the web (Faculty Reserve Request Form)
  • Photocopies (e.g., book chapters, articles, etc.) --Come to the Library, Bldg. 15 during library open hours at the Circulation/Reserve Desk, 2nd floor with your copies.
  • Digitize Documents—(e.g., PDF format, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)--E-mail: or

Electronic reserve material must be ADA compliant.

Accessibility Resources:

Then the library staff will scan, link, upload & organize the documents in the library’s content folder within Blackboard & connect it to your appropriate course. 

☞  Just remember to:

                Activate your Blackboard course

                Give ldjones/Leslie Jones “Course Builder” status


It has been our pleasure to fill your eReserve needs, we look forward to continuing this service to you through Blackboard.

How to create a "Course Builder" in Blackboard and submit your eReserve Material

For help using Blackboard for eReserve, please see the How to create a "Course Builder" in Blackboard and submit your eReserve Material page.