Plant Science

Plant Science B.S.

Everything we do in plant science ties to the the environment and sustainability, with more career options than you thought possible. Our degree programs involve hands-on projects that let you learn by doing in our farms, gardens, Farm Store, AGRIscapes, science labs and even golf greens.
student working in hydroponics lab
professor holds insects with both hands
Student works in rain forest

Shape the urban landscape

Get your degree in the country, get a job in the city. Whether it's in landscaping, city park irrigation or ecology.

Transform the planet

Genetically engineer new plants that help solve food, fuel, and pharmaceutical problems for our planet.

Grow money

Test, nurture and grow your own fruit crop and sell it at our campus Farm Store.

Fight Heavily Armored Villains

Sustainable agriculture requires fighting pests without harmful chemicals, like the ongoing battle against the Asian Citrus Psyllid. Learn and test the newest methods in our fields, from beneficial insects to genetic resistance.

Create paradise

There is big demand for people who know how to turn a desert into paradise. Learn golf course turf management. Become an irrigation and soil specialist.