Change Your Major to Political Science

The Department of Political Science welcomes new majors throught the academic year. Political science is one of the most versatile social degrees, teaching majors an extensive skillset that lead to a variety of different career paths. As professionals in their late careers, the median salary for graduates with a BA in political science is over $108,000.

How do I change my major to political science? 

Students should declare a major as soon as possible. If you are a new student, you must have a full semester worth of grades at Cal Poly Pomona before you switch into the major. To switch, you must have an overall 2.0 Cal Poly Pomona GPA. There are no course pre-requisites to switch into the major. 

You declare the major by first submitting the online change of major form. After you have submitted the form, email the department chair, Dr. Mario Guerrero, to set up a short Zoom advising meeting. Your change of major will not be approved until you meet with the department chair. You can also visit Dr. Guerrero's faculty webpage for his current office hours.

Jill Hargis

Change of Major Coordinator

Dr. Mario Guerrero
Office: 94-303
Phone: 909-869-3885

Should you have any additional questions, please consult the 2020-2021 catalog and the 2020-2021 PLS Curriculum Sheet