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The Political Science Student Handbook

New to the major? Have some basic questions about how things work? Want advice about coursework, getting involved on campus, or your career path? Or just want to read up on some helpful tools for how to proceed through getting your degree? Check out our student handbook designed specifically for majors. Before you embark on a more detailed search for advising information below, make sure to read up on some useful tips and information.

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Political Science Coursework

Students should have a firm understanding of the requirements to complete the major. The courses we offer and require students to complete are indicative of a diverse discipline and scholars who have a breadth of research interests. 


PLS Curriculum Sheets & Road Maps

The curriculum sheets and road maps are helpful guides intended to help you select classes while at Cal Poly Pomona. Note that the curriculum sheets are subject to change each year. Students are able to graduate with the curriculum sheet listed for the year they entered Cal Poly Pomona or the curriculum sheet listed for the year they graduate from Cal Poly Pomona. 


Advising Basics & Tools

Aside from coursework, students might have additional questions about various departmental policies and practices. Our faculty welcomes students to seek advise about their program of study and activities while on campus. 


Forms & Petitions

From time to time, the registrar's office requires students to file a formal petition to complete certain administrative actions. From petition for more units, credit for program, awarding of minor, you should find the relevant forms and petitions you need in this section.  

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PLS Semester Conversion

In Fall 2018, Cal Poly Pomona switched to a semester system. For a period of a few years, our university will have students who have experienced both the quarter and semester system during the time they completed their degree. Semester Conversion should only be relevant to students who entered the university prior to Fall 2018. To understand how the requirements have changed, check out some of the helpful resources our department has put together.  

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