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Cal Poly Pomona Full Campus Map

Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch Directions

Collins Buildings Map (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Building Directory

building 79

79-102 Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch (RKR)
79-113 Handlery Hotel Lab
79-114 Computer Lab
79-116 Li Ge, Assistant Professor
79-118 Michael Reyes, Lecturer
79-119 Jason Zhang, Lecturer
79-120 Ray Bishop, Lecturer
79-121 Lesley Butler, Lecturer
79-122 Kenneth Dokko, Lecturer
79-123 Copier Room
79-124 Sheree Mooney, Lecturer
79-125 Bruce J. Schwartz Classroom
79-126 Conference Room
79-127 Pepsi Beverage Laboratory
79-132 Stephanie Zacahula, Culinary Laboratory Coordinator
79-138 Panda Express Kitchen Laboratory
79-139 Panda Express Demonstration Kitchen Lab
79-145 Stephanie Zacahula, Culinary Laboratory Coordinator
79-146 Scott Kim, Lecturer

building 79a

79A-1134 Margie Jones, Professor
79A-1263 Wine Auditorium
79A-1335 Hideo Amemiya Conference Room
A134A Wine Library

building 79b lower level

79B-1208B Don Lundberg & Al Levie Student Lounge
79B-1215 Quiet Study Room
79B-1217/ 1227/ 1235 Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Great Room
79B-1222 Swig Family Kitchen
79B-1228 Student Government and Clubs Room
79B-1230 Panda Express Classroom
79B-1243 Mary Alice & Richard N. Frank Classroom

building 79b upper level

79B-2102 ECOLAB Faculty Resource Room
79B-2102 Laura Pohopien, Lecturer
79B-2102 Ed Perez, Lecturer
79B-2102 Lera Van Straatum, Lecturer
79B-2105 Carolina Sanchez, Student Success Coordinator
79B-2210A Jake Fry, Outreach & Recruitment Specialist
79B-2210B Ann Lara, Career Services Coordinator
79B-2210C Gio Arteaga, Academic Technology
79B-2216 E'Lisha Fogle, Assistant Professor
79B-2218 Krista Spangler, Senior Director of Development 
79B-2220 Chitra Perera, Sr. Budget Analyst
79B-2223 Staff & Faculty Lounge
79B-2226 Diana Garcia, Comm. & External Relations Specialist
79B-2233 Supply Room
79B-2234 Work Room
79B-2236B Lea Dopson, Dean & James A. Collins Distinguished Chair
79B-2236C Michael Godfrey, Associate Dean 
79B-2241 Mail Room
79B-2250 Dean' Assistant Office
79B-2252 Mountain View Conference Room (Fishbowl) 
79B-2413 Hyounae (Kelly) Min, Assistant Professor
79B-2419 Sungsik Yoon, Assistant Professor 
79B-2421 Jie (Jamie) Sun, Assistant Professor
79B-2425 Don St. Hilaire, Professor
79B-2427 Patrick Lee, Associate Professor & Interim Dept. Chair
79B-2433 Wan Yang, Assistant Professor
79B-2434 Storage Room
79B-2435 Michelle Yoo, Assistant Professor
79B-2436 Copy Room
79B-2439 Kortnee Burrell, Retention & Graduation Specialist 
79B-2440 PDI Workroom
79B-2441 James Yokoyama, Student Advising Coordinator 

building 80

80-12 Graduate Instructional Support Room
80-13 Graduate Instructional Support Room
80-12 Graduate Instructional Support Room
80-13 Graduate Instructional Support Room
80-100/102 Freeberg Flex Classrooms
80-110 Student Commons
80-110A H-Cafe
80-113 Donna Foster Dannan Undergraduate Group Study Room
80-115 Larry Shupnick & Jo Frank Graduate Group Study Room
80-117 Conference Room
80-119 Neha Singh, Professor
80-121 Linchi Kwok, Associate Professor
80-122 Part-Time Faculty Suite
80-122 Connie Wooledge, Professor 
80-123 Myong Jae (MJ) Lee, James A. Collins Distinguished Professor
80-124 Faculty & Staff Lounge
80-127 Ben Dewald, Professor