Contactless Transaction System

Contactless Transaction System (CTS)

CTS lockers inside Bldg 89 The Architecture Fabrication Lab has implemented a Contactless Transaction System (CTS) as another safe option for architecture students to submit and pick up their orders. Now students can submit their files remotely 24/7 and pick up their orders from the Interim Design Center (IDC) at their own convenience.

After a submission is completed, the ARC Fab Lab technicans will place completed orders in the CTS lockers located inside the IDC.


How to use the ARC Fab Lab CTS

  1. Fill out the Submission Form with your Bronco ID, CPP email, date, name, and phone number.
    (**If you are unable to download the form on this site, email to request one.)

  2. Specify the Service Requested through the drop down at the top of the form. Indicate the names of each file you are submitting and the total quantity. If you are printing, indicate the order of printing layers and size.  

  3. Use the "Purchase Materials" drop down to select the material and quantity you will need.
    (**Note there is no need to come to the Fab Lab unless you have a specific material to use.)

  4. Click the red “Submit Form” link and you will be directed to send an email to our lab. This is where to attach files. Do not forget to send this email, otherwise we will not receive your order.  

  5. You will receive an email reply when we begin to process your order. Do not pay at this time. An email will be sent with payment instructions when order is complete.   

  1. You will receive an email from the ARC Fab Lab when your work is completed and ready for pick-up. A request for payment of the amount due will be included as well.  

  2. To make a payment for Fab Lab services, Navigate to your BroncoDirect account. The page will load you into the Student Center. Scroll down and locate the Finances section. Click on Make a Payment. (View video walkthrough)

  3. When you have made the payment, take a screenshot, and email it to the FabLab as your proof of payment.  

  4. Once your Proof of Payment has been received by the ARC Fab Lab, you will be sent a Locker Number and Combination. Go to the indicated locker in the Interim Design Center. Locker number is indicated by a gold place card and etched on the lock itself. 

  5. Enter the combination. The point of reference is etched on the side of the lock. 

  6. Take out your items. Be sure to completely shut the locker door and hang the lock where you originally found it.