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W-2 Information

A new secure, web-based employee self-service portal, called Cal Employee Connect (CEC), is now available through the State Controller’s Office. Through CEC you can view your paycheck advice statements (earnings statements) and W-2 forms. Register with CEC in order to view your earnings statements and W-2 forms.

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Cal Employee Connect

Registration is easy and only takes a few minutes. 

Agency Number: 196

Cal Connect Website

To register and get started, grab one of your recent earnings statements (from the last six months) and go to the Cal Connect website at:

You will be asked to identify your department/campus from a drop-down list. You will find our campus listed as “CSU Pomona". Follow the prompts to register using your email address. You may use any email to register, but the SCO recommends using your personal email in case you lose access to your work email due to an employment status change.

During the brief registration process, you will need to provide your Social Security Number, date of birth, and some information from an earnings statement issued within the last six months in order to complete your initial registration.

Once you register for CEC, you can log in to view your Earnings Statements and your W-2 forms using most internet-connected devices, including your mobile phone.

If you have trouble logging in or forget your CEC User Name, try the forgot username feature. If you still need assistance, please email

What should I know about the new Employee Action Request (EAR) tax fields?

Employee Action Request (EAR) tax fields
Field Name Value

Higher Withholding Indicator (HW).

N (NO), Y (YES)

Dependent Amount (DEP AMT)

Numeric, whole number.

Other Income (OTH INCOME)

Numeric, decimal allowed, 8 digits (999999.99).

Deductions (DEDUCTIONS)

Numeric, decimal allowed, 8 digits (999999.99).

Can an employee claim exemptions/allowances for federal on or after 12/01/2020?

No. Effective 12/01/2020 employees cannot claim exemptions/allowance for Federal withholding. See IRS Publication 15-T, and 2020 W-4 FAQs

New EAR form has ‘Head of Household’ as an option filing status for Federal withholding; is this new?

Yes. Filing status ‘Head of Household’ is new for Federal withholding and can be used effective 12/01/2020.Refer to the link for more information.

What value(s) are allowed for Higher Withholding (HW)?

The value for HW must be N or Y. N (NO) means no to higher withholding. Y (YES) means yes to higher withholding. Refer to IRS website for withholding rates. (

Can the HW field be left blank?

The HW field cannot be left blank if processing tax changes effective 12/01/2020 and after. The HW field must be completed with N or Y.

Can an employee claim exemptions/allowance for State withholding?

Yes. Employees can continue to claim exemptions/allowances for State withholding. See EDD Form DE4 and CA Withholding Schedules for 2020 Method B.

Should all employees submit a new EAR form effective 12/01/2020?

No. Not all existing employees need to submit a new EAR form, employees making changes to tax withholding changes or new employees hired on/after 12/1/2020 should submit the new EAR form. Refer to IRS Publication 15-T and EDD DE4.

What tools are available for employees to use when completing the new EAR form?

To get the most accurate withholding, employees can use the IRS’s Tax Withholding Estimator. Employees can also use the paycheck calculator on the SCO’s website.

Can employees claim Federal Additional Deduction if claiming exemption from Federal only?

Yes. Employees can claim Federal Additional Deduction.

How does the HW box work?

Essentially, the tax tables divide the standard deduction and tax brackets equally between two jobs, so that tax rates apply at roughly half of the income threshold that normally applies.

For example, for the Married Filing Jointly status, the 24% rate normally applies for wages over roughly $180,000, but if the HW shows “Y”, the 24% rate applies to wages over about $96,000. Refer to IRS Publication 15-T for more information.

Where can I find information/references regarding new IRS changes?

For more information, view the Cal Employee Connect Guide.

W-2 Information

The Form W-2 reflects wages paid by warrants/direct deposit payments that were issued to you during the tax year (January 1 through December 31), regardless of the pay period in which you earned the wages.

Form W-2 contains all wages and tax information for you regardless of the number of State of California agencies/CSU campuses for which you worked during the tax year.

The year-to-date gross on your final paycheck stub (earnings statement/direct deposit advice) may not agree with Box 1 (Wages, Tips, Other Compensation) of your W-2, due to the following items:

  • Retirement
  • Employee paid health
  • Tax Shelter Annuity (TSA) Contributions
  • Deferred Compensation/Savings Plus Program Contributions
  • Dependent Care Account (DCA)
  • Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA)
  • Pre-tax Parking Deduction
  • Accounts Receivable Deductions
  • Non-Uniformed State Payroll System (USPS) Adjustments (Including taxable fringe benefits)

The W-2 form is issued once a year and is mailed by the State Controller's Office directly to the mailing address you have on file with Payroll Services. W-2's are mailed to your mailing address normally by January 20th of each year. Undeliverable W-2 forms are returned to Payroll Services.

W-2 Box Descritiption Table
Box 1*
Wages, tips, and other compensation

Normally, this box contains your total year-to-date federal taxable gross pay. For some employees, this box contains the total of the following:

  • Year-to-date federal taxable gross pay
  • Non-Industrial Disability (NDI) Leave, Temporary Disability (TD) and Industrial Disability Leave Supplementation payments are considered wages and are included in Box 1.
  • Year-to-date fringe benefits will be reported in Boxes 1 and 14 (Other). This amount will also be included in Boxes 3, and 5, if applicable.
  • Year-to-date executive life insurance
  • Imputed income

Note: Industrial Disability Leave (IDL) payments are considered employee benefits rather than wages and are not included in Box 1. Additionally, IDL payments are not subject to Social Security or Medicare wages and will not be reflected in Box 3 (Social Security Wages) or Box 5 (Medicare Wages and Tips).

Box 2
Federal income tax withheld

Year-to-date federal income tax withheld.

Box 3*
Social Security (OASDI) wages

Year-to-date wages subject to OASDI, including imputed income.

Box 4
Social Security tax withheld

Year-to-date employee Social Security (OASDI) deduction computed based upon the 2019 rate of 6.2% of wages subject to Social Security. The 2019 maximum wages subject to Social Security is $132,900.

Box 5*
Medicare wages and tips

Year-to-date wages subject to Medicare, including imputed income.

Box 6
Medicare tax withheld

Year-to-date employee Medicare deduction. This amount is based upon the 2019 rate of 1.45% of wages subject to medicare. There is no maximum amount of wages subject to Medicare.

Box C

Employer's name, address and ZIP code

The address of the State Controller's Office for the State of California.

Box 10
Dependent Care benefits

Year-to-date DCA (Dependent Care Account) deductions.

Box 12
Tax Sheltered & Tax Deferred Deductions
  • Employees who had Deferred Compensation (Savings Plus Program) or Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) deductions withheld will have their deduction amounts indicated in Box 12 with codes "D" for 401(k), "G" for 457 and "E" for 403(b).
  • Employees who are Part-Time, Seasonal and Temporary (PST) and have contributed to the PST Retirement Plan will have the deduction amount indicated in Box 12 with code "G".
  • The non-taxable Standard Mileage Reimbursement amounts up to the State's allowances will be indicated in Box 12 with Code "L".
  • The non-taxable portion of the Moxing Expense Mileage Reimbursements will be indicated in Box 12 with code "P".
  • The qualified (non-taxable) reimbursement amount of Moving Relocation Expenses will be indicated in Box 12 with code "P".
  • The imputed value of Group Term Life Insurance coverage in excess of $50,000 will be indicated in Box 12 with code "C".
Box 13
Not titled, but used to identify if employee is in a pension plan.

An "X" is indicated in this box for all employees who are members of the California Public Employees' Retirement Plan (CalPERS). Employees in the Alternate Retirement Plan or Part-time, Seasonal and Temporary retirement plan will not have an "X" indicated.

*Box 1 and Box 3 or 5 may not agree due to the following items:

  • Accounts Receivable Deductions
  • Reaching Social Security Maximum Wages
  • Deferred Compensation Deductions
  • CalPERS or PST Contributions
  • Flex Benefit Deductions
  • Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) Deductions
  • Pre-Tax Benefit Deductions
  • Pre-Tax Parking Deductions
  • Consolidated Benefits

Any questions concerning Federal or State tax returns must be directed to the local Internal Revenue Service or Franchise Tax Board Office.

W-2 (Wage and Tax Statements) for 2022 to be Distributed to Employee Addresses

The State Controller's Office (SCO) will mail the 2022 Wage and Tax Statements (W-2s) directly to the mailing address employees have on file with Payroll Services. For verification purposes, the address of record was printed on the bottom of your paycheck stub dated October 2022. W-2's are mailed to your mailing address normally by January 20th of each year.

Deadline to Update Address Record for W-2 Generation & Mail Distribution

In order for the State Controller's Office to print and mail your W-2 directly to the correct address, changes/corrections must be submitted by December 01, 2022.

How to Update/Change Your Address

Faculty & Staff may view/update their addresses through Employee Center on MyCPP.  Simply go to BroncoDirect or MyCPP homepage, log-on, and follow the instructions.

Student Assistants - It is recommended that Student Assistants update their address for employment and payroll purposes by changing the mailing address field on MyCPP.  There are multiple address fields on BroncoDirect; however, the mailing address field will automatically update your address in our system.

W-2's are mailed to your home address normally by January 20th of each year. If you do not receive your W-2 by the end of January, you should contact Human Resources & Payroll Services Customer Service.

If you need a duplicate copy of your W-2, you may request one by completing a Standard Form 436 (PDF) to request a duplicate W-2. The request must include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Tax year requested
  • Your mailing address
  • A day time telephone number
  • Your signature

More than one tax year may be requested; however, only four prior tax years are available.

There is a $8.50 processing fee per tax year. For employees currently employed, payment for the duplicate Form W-2 must be made via payroll deduction and the appropriate option must be checked on the Form 436. The fee will be deducted from your next paycheck. For FERPS, retired annuitants, student assistants and employees who are not currently employed, payment must be made via a money order or cashier's check made payable to the State Controller's Office. Personal checks are not accepted.

Please send the request and payment, if applicable to the following address:

State Controller's Office 
Personnel/Payroll Services Division 
P.O.Box 942850 
Sacramento, CA 94250-5878 
ATTN: W-2 Unit

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