Financial Aid and Scholarships

Credential Students

Students interested in pursuing teaching as a career are choosing a noble profession. One of the biggest decisions facing you is how to support yourself and pay for your education. Fortunately, there are many programs that make college more accessible to students who have chosen to embrace this critical need career path.

It's important to know how to work with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships throughout the entirety of your application and enrollment process to ensure a positive experience and outcome.

Prospective Students

These pages will introduce you to the available financial aid options at Cal Poly Pomona, the eligibility requirements, and help you understand the application process. The average expenses associated with pursuing a Teaching Credential at Cal Poly Pomona are also provided to help you understand the value of your future investment.

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Newly Admitted Students

These pages will guide you through the process of determining your budget, reviewing and understanding the types of aid in your Financial Aid Summary and obtaining the funds included in your summary. We encourage you to review these pages and then decide which options make the most sense for your overall investment.

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Current Students

Stay on top of your financial aid by keeping informed.

Students must re-apply for need-based financial aid each academic year. These pages will help you keep on track to receiving aid for the duration of your Credential program.

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