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Pathways to STEM

Pathways to STEM

Pathways to STEM is a collaboration between Cal Poly Pomona, the Oak Crest Institute of Science, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to engage students in STEM exploration. Participants will have on and off-campus experiences that include mentoring, networking, career clarification, and development of workplace knowledge and skills. Through participation, students will also grow their scientific literacy and science communication skills.

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The Program

Annually, students will join one of four groups related broadly to their intended major:

  • Group 1: Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science (Community College students)

  • Group 2: Biology and Chemistry (Community College students)

  • Group 3: Earth Sciences, Forestry, Geoscience, Multidisciplinary (Community College students)

  • Group 4: Life Science (Cal Poly Pomona students)

Each of groups 1-3 will participate in four different off-campus experiential modules and several on-campus workshops and Group 4 will participate in a single off campus experience. For example, Group 1 might visit Silicon Valley and job shadow professionals working in technology; Group 2 might conduct chemical analysis of ocean water while in Catalina; Group 3 might focus on atmospheric sciences during a visit to Boulder, Colorado; and Group 4 will have the opportunity to conduct off-campus lab research.

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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program, please contact Dr. Marianne Smith at

Pathways to STEM is funded by the National Science Foundation (DUE/IUSE #1953594).