Registrar's Office


Waitlisting for Classes

Cal Poly Pomona allows "waitlisting" for most classes. Waitlisting provides students the opportunity to "get in line" to get into a full class. Waitlists are processed daily while registration is open and are maintained through the last day of the add/drop period during the term. You should drop any waitlisted courses once your schedule is finalized to avoid any accidental registration.

How Waitlisting Works
  • Students will be given an option during the registration process to put their name on a waitlist if the class they want is full.
  • Students will be notified if they were successful in adding their name to a waitlist and will see their position on the waitlist through their Student Schedule in BroncoDirect.
  • Students may remove the waitlisted class from their enrolled courses any time while registration is open.
  • When the waitlists are processed, students on waitlists will be moved to "enrolled" status in classes that have open seats and notified, if the following conditions apply:
    • The student meets all class prerequisites
    • There are no co-requisites for the class for which the student is waitlisted
    • There is no time conflict with a student's class schedule
    • A student is not already enrolled in another section of the same class

Frequently Asked Questions

Students may waitlist for each tem as follows: 

  • Fall and Spring term waitlist unit limit up to 10 semester units.
  • Winter term waitlist unit limit up to 4 semester units.
  • Summer term waitlist unit limit up to 10 semester units.

Yes, however a student will not be enrolled from the waitlist if they are already enrolled in another section of the same class.

In addition, if you are waitlisted for one section, and later enrolled in another section of the same class, you will be automatically dropped from the waitlisted section.

Yes, waitlisted classes do count towards a student’s total enrollment.

This depends on a number of factors, most notably how many students drop the course for which you are waitlisted.

There are several reasons a student may not be able to waitlist for a class. Two common reasons a student may be unable to waitlist for a class are: 1. the class has a co-requisite and 2. The student has not met a prerequisite for a class.

It is strongly recommended that a student drop waitlisted classes, once the student's schedule is finalized. If a space opens up in a class, and you have not reached your enrollment limit, you will be enrolled in the class, and responsible for completing and paying any associated fees relevant to it.

You will need to get a permission number from your department to waitlist a class in this scenario.