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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference among Co-Op, Academic Internship and a regular non-academic internship?

The Academic Co-Op Education Program is a long-term (6 months to less than 2 years) paid educational program. It is designed for students who want to obtain real-world experience related to their majors at reputable industry while pursuing a degree. Co-Op students must comply to the program requirements. Participation in this program is voluntary and obtaining a Co-Op assignment is competitive.

An Academic Internship is a closely monitored, structured program that complements the academic/classroom experience. Internships are recognized as high impact educational practices. Cal Poly Pomona encourages all students to gain hands-on learning experience as part of their undergraduate coursework: 

  • Related to their majors to receive academic credits
  • Paid or unpaid, part time or full time
  • Fitting well with academic learning objectives
  • Enhancing experiential learning in the workforce

A Non-Academic Internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.

  • Does not have to be related to major
  • Must be paid
  • No academic credit or learning objectives
  • Not required to graduate  

Visit the Career Center website.

Is there a unit cap for registering for a Academic Co-Op course?

Please consult with your university's faculty/academic advisors for a thorough answer.

What are the Academic Co-Op courses?

Below are the sample Co-Op/internship courses offering to students attending Cal Poly Pomona:
  • Engineering                 EGR 4410, 4420
  • Computer Science        CS 4410
  • Chemistry                   CHM 4410
  • Biological Sciences       BIO 4410

For Co-Op students attending other universities, please consult with their institutions' faculty/ department advisors before enrolling in an approved internship course.

If I have a payroll question, whom do I contact?

Please contact:

  1. Cal Poly Pomona Center for Community Engagement, Co-Op Education Program -; 909-869-3434 and/or
  2. Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Payroll Office -; 909-869-3276