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Creating a startup is a complex process requiring many essential steps to achieve success. Mentors can help guide you through your entrepreneurial journey as a helping hand, a sounding board, and a source of counsel at critical points in the development of a business. The iLab offers students experienced mentors to help them with their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Find a Mentor

The iLab uses the TrustedPeer platform for mentorship. The platform is a private network of vetted faculty/staff/industry mentors to support students and student startup teams. The platform enables easy access to mentors, online appointment management, and documentation of mentoring sessions. It provides students/student teams access to a wide-variety of talents and industry expertise.

TrustedPeer Portal for Students

Become a Mentor

The Rewards of Mentoring
  • Be a part of building our future innovators
  • Stay connected with new ideas
  • Grow your network
  • Show your support for Cal Poly Pomona

TrustedPeer Portal for Mentors

Being a Good Mentee

Mentees must make sure that they:

  • Are timely and professional
  • Follow up with their mentor on a bi-weekly basis
  • Learn from your mentor’s experiences (successes and failures)
  • Experience and learn about entrepreneurship opportunities through their mentor
  • Put as much time, effort, and thought in as desired with the mindset that “more IN-results, more OUT”

Being a Good Mentor

Becoming a Mentor entails participating in various activities with your iLab Startup Team throughout your relationship. These include:

  • Having a positive initial contact meeting
  • Communicating with your student team at least bi-weekly (email, Skype, telephone, face-to-face)
  • Finding ways to directly involve your team into your world by allowing them to “shadow” you at a business meeting, attend a networking event with you or just grab a meal together
  • Providing honest advice, leadership, and business knowledge


If you are unable to access this service or any portion of the service, please contact the iLab at or 909-979-6378 for assistance.