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J-1 Scholar Financial Documentation

J-1 Scholars are required to demonstrate at least $1,200 per month, plus $500 per month for spouse and $250 for each child to meet J-1 visa status requirements. These funds must be provided for the entire duration of the CPP J-1 program. Any changes to a scholar's funding must be reported to the ISSO. The ISSO will update the scholar's SEVIS record and issue an updated DS-2019 visa document. 

Source of Funding

  • Bank statement/letter must be in scholar's name, showing the available balance in your account.
  • If scholar's family members are providing financial support of CPP J-1 program, they must provide a bank statement/letter in their name with the available balance in their account, and an affidavit of support.

  • This includes anyone who is providing financial support for the CPP J-1 program.
  • The sponsor's bank statement/letter and an affidavit of support

  • Letter from employer or another institution on official business letterhead including a signature showing amount, length, and purpose of support.
  • Salary statements are not acceptable.

Bank Statement/Letter Requirements

  • Includes name of bank/financial institution
  • Lists the name of the account holder
  • Clearly shows the account balance
  • All documents must be dated within 3 months of submission to the International Center
  • Be translated into English and U.S. dollars; unofficial translations and online currency conversions are acceptable.
  • Clearly shows the type of currency in the account
  • Must be from accounts that can be converted to liquid cash
  • Funding must cover entire duration of your J-1 program at CPP.

  • Financial documents older than 3 months
  • Income or salary statements
  • Funds that are not immediately accessible
  • Assets that are not in liquid form (house, car, etc.)
  • Life insurance policy statements
  • Pension funds
  • Tax return forms or documents
  • Stocks/Bonds

The affidavit of financial support is required from any person (other than scholar) who is providing financial support for the scholar's CPP J-1 program.

Sample Text for Affidavit of Financial Support


To Whom It May Concern,

I (fill in name), (relationship to scholar), am willing and able to provide funding and living expenses in the amount of ($$$$$) for (name of scholar), during J-1 program at CPP.

(Print Name)

Financial Support for Dependents (J-2)

J-1 visa holders are required to provide financial support for any dependents who will have J-2 visas while in the U.S. If the source of funds that are provided on the visa document belong to the dependent, they will need to provide an Affidavit of Financial Support authorizing the use of these funds for educational purposes.

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