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Ink & Clay 43

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Ink & Clay 43 Dates

On Display September 16, 2017 - October 26, 2017

Established in 1971, Ink & Clay is an annual competition of printmaking, drawing, ceramic ware, clay sculpture, installation and mixed media utilizing any variety of “ink” or “clay” as a material. The exhibition is sponsored by the W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and is underwritten by the generosity of the late Col. James “Jim” H. Jones with additional support from the Office of the University President. This year’s jurors are Joan Takayama-Ogawa, Nancy Haselbacher, ceramics and printmaking faculty, respectively, from the Otis College of Art and Design, and Anne Martens of the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Linda Lyke's Evolving Species, 2017.


Linda Lyke, Evolving Species, 2017. Etching and relief. 18 x 22" Courtesy of the artist.

The artworks filmed, photographed and presented herein were used courtesy of each participating artist, with their individual permission. Some images used in the logo design and graphics may be from a previous year's competition. Copyright of all artwork used or reproduced is owned by each individual artist and cannot be copied or reproduced without each artist's individual permission.
Ink & Clay 43 
Kellogg University Art Gallery, Cal Poly Pomona
September 16, 2017 - October 26, 2017
© 2017 Kellogg University Art Gallery
Cal Poly Pomona

 Beatriz H. Jaramillo's "Broken Landscape sculpture.

Beatriz H. Jaramillo, Broken Landscape 3, 2015. Porcelain and parafinne. 16 x 8 x 144" Courtesy of the artist. 

Terms of Submission

Ink & Clay is open to artists working in all 50 states, making this a nationwide competition! The exhibition will be documented through an on-line catalog and a printable PDF file. Unique among juried exhibitions, Ink & Clay is annually celebrated and recognized by artists and collectors for its quality and diversity.


Any artist working in the United States may enter this competition. The Jurors make the final decision on which works are acceptable among all the entries received by the posted deadline. Artwork Submissions MUST have been completed within the last 3 years (2014-2017). Entries CANNOT have been submitted in a prior year. Generally, any artwork utilizing any type of ink or clay, in whole, or in part, is acceptable. Artworks must be original - no giclée prints, reproductions or solely digitally-based prints. We seek entries that have been created by the artist’s hand in some way, shape or form. There are no size restrictions. Past exhibitions have included non-traditional media including installations (both site-specific and not), freestanding and hanging sculptures, mixed media, and interactive media as well as the more traditional artforms. All artforms are encouraged for submission.


A $50 entry and handling fee will be charged. This entitles the artist to three digital image entries. Works that are 3-dimensional may have only one (1) additional detail slide each, to supplement their 3-D entry. Please note that checks are deposited collectively after all entries have been processed. Please make check or money order payable to: Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, with “Ink & Clay 43 Entry Fee” written onto the “Memo” line of your check.


All artwork will be considered for sale unless otherwise indicated as NFS (not for sale) on the entry form. A 25% commission on all sales will be added to the artist selling price and retained by the Kellogg University Art Gallery to support programming of future exhibitions. Please price artwork entry accordingly.


The Kellogg Art Gallery is pleased to offer substantial cash awards this year. These include: the James H. Jones Memorial Purchase Award(s), generously sponsored by Mr. Bruce M. Jewett; the University President’s Purchase Award(s), sponsored by the Office of the University President, Soraya Coley; as well as Jurors’ Choice and Director’s Choice Purchase Awards. Additional monetary awards may include $100 and $500 Juror Awards, and Honorable Mentions.

Accepted Works

Judging will be completed by July 31, 2017. Acceptance and Non-Acceptance notification letters will be mailed the week of August 7, 2017. Applicants may contact Kellogg Gallery after August 14, 2017 if a notification letter is not received. Acceptance letters will include instructions for the art shipping/delivery and return/pickup.

Purchase Prize Eligibility

To be eligible for purchase prize, artwork CANNOT be marked “Not For Sale”(NFS). This year, monetary purchase awards may be as much as $1000 and will be given in exchange of artwork being added to University’s Permanent Collection. If an artwork is priced at more than the possible purchase prize amount ($1000), the artist may wish to select ‘NO’ on the “Eligible for purchase prize” section of submission form.

Loan Agreements

Completed loan agreements, with authorized signature, are due by no later than July 14, 2019, and must be signed and received prior to shipment or delivery of artwork. Loan agreement forms will be emailed along with the acceptance notifications and shipment/delivery instructions. Artwork will not be eligible for exhibition unless the loan agreement is completed in its entirety and signed prior to the deadline.

Loan Agreement Insurance, Liability and Shipping Requrements

All accepted works, once received and certified under a valid Loan Agreement, will be insured for the duration of the exhibition. Although due care will be taken in handling of all entries, neither the Kellogg Gallery nor Cal Poly Pomona accepts responsibility for the damage of work submitted to the exhibition which is improperly framed or packaged, or without secure hanging devices, or without displaying instructions when needed. Out-of-area artists will be responsible for costs of shipment of art to and from the exhibition venue. Insurance Replacement Value (cost of materials and reproduction of work) is necessary for insurance coverage, even if the artwork is not for sale.

Legal Agreement

ANY artist living or working in the United States may enter this competition.

ALL entrants must be 18 years of age, or older, PRIOR to submitting any entries to the competition.

ALL jury-selected artworks MUST be available for loan for the duration of the exhibition, including delivery and return/retrieval dates, as specified in the Prospectus.

Entrants, if selected, MUST agree to delivery/shipment, AND retrieval/return dates as specified in the Prospectus.

OUT-OF-AREA artists who choose to SHIP their selected work, WILL be responsible for costs of
shipment of the art TO-AND-FROM the exhibition venue. Return shipment arrangements with PRE-PAID shipping labels will be REQUIRED upon receipt of item(s).

Artwork Submissions MUST have been completed within the last 3 years (2017-2019).

Current entries CANNOT have been submitted in a PRIOR year.

A FLAT-FEE entry fee will be charged for the submission of 1-3 artworks. NO entrant may submit more than 3 artworks for consideration. Entrants MAY submit only 1, or only 2, entries for the SAME FLAT-FEE as 3 entries, if participant so chooses.

Submission of artwork does NOT guarantee acceptance into the exhibition.

Entry fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Refunds will not be provided for ineligible artists or entries.

Entry fee will NOT be PRORATED if less than 3 entries are submitted, NOR if less than 3 entries are selected by the jury for exhibition.

ALL entry fees MUST be paid by CREDIT CARD through the CaFÉ's site payment platform. Checks are NO longer accepted.

ALL artwork selected for exhibition WILL be considered FOR SALE unless otherwise indicated as NFS (not for sale) by the entrant.

A 25% commission on ALL sales will be ADDED to the “Artist’s List Price” and retained by the Kellogg University Art Gallery to support the programming of future exhibitions. Entrant MUST price artwork entry accordingly. Artist Prices are FIXED and CANNOT be changed at ANYTIME after the entry is submitted.

Artists WILL be PAID by check by the University Foundation for ANY artwork SOLD during the exhibition.

ALL selected works, once certified under a LOAN AGREEMENT, WILL be insured for the DURATION of the exhibition AND loan term, while under the Gallery's custody and care.

DUE CARE will be taken in handling of ALL entries received.

Neither the Kellogg Gallery NOR Cal Poly Pomona accept responsibility for the damage of work submitted to the exhibition which is IMPROPERLY framed or packaged, OR without secure hanging devices, OR without provision of display instructions when specifics are needed for non-traditional OR unusual artforms.

ALL artworks must be "ready to hang" or "ready to set" on a pedestal. This includes unframed, "wall mounted" or "wall-hanging" artworks. D-rings attached to stretcher bars is recommended for all flatwork that is framed or unframed.

ALL "wall mounted" or "wall-hanging" artworks must have proper framing, glazing, and/or hanging devices, as needed. These MUST already pre-installed onto work, if they are needed. The Gallery nor University is responsible for supplying framing NOR "on artwork" hanging devices for any artwork. Basic artwork installation hardware for setting on a pedestal, or wall mounting WILL be provided. If there are ANY unusual or specialized hanging devices required, artist WILL need to supply that hardware upon shipment or delivery, with installation instructions.

Photo-documentation of artwork condition and packaging will be taken for ANY SHIPPED items upon
receipt and during package opening.

Photo-documentation of artwork condition and packaging will be taken for ANY DELIVERED items upon receipt and during package opening, if applicable.

Permission for USE of artwork IMAGES and TEXT provided by entrant, including, but not limited to: artist statements; resumes/CVs; and captions; or descriptions, MUST be granted by the entrant for EVERY selected artwork. Possible uses include, but are not limited to: websites, website archives, social media, printed materials, catalog publications, wall labels, didactic panels, sales listings, archival records, promotional materials (digital and printed), educational materials, gallery operation materials.

The Gallery and University also reserve the right to disqualify any artist who does not adhere to the entry submission terms as stipulated on this legal agreement or within the posted prospectus.

By submitting ANY entry to this "call for entry" entrants AGREE to the ABOVE terms and conditions, and to necessary DROP-OFF/PICK-UP, SHIPMENT dates (by self or by proxy) as stipulated in prospectus.
Francisco Alvarado's "After Nice."
Francisco Alvarado, After Nice, 2016. Acylic and ink on paper. 20 x 30" Courtesy of the artist. 
CJ Jilek's "Instinct 3 - Him & Her."
CJ Jilek, Instinct 3 - Him & Her, 2016. Ceramic, stoneware, and underglaze. Him: 34 x 29 1/2 x 28” Her: 22 x 31 x 21” Courtesy of the artist.

Submission Requirements

Please submit a MAC compatible CD labeled with your full name, email and telephone number. Print clearly and legibly. All CDs become property of Kellogg Gallery and will not be returned. On the disc please include each of the following required items:

An Artist Statement describing, in general terms, what your submitted artwork is about 200 words maximum, in paragraph form, and saved as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx). This must be provided on the sub- mission disc. Hard copies are NOT accepted. Please ensure correct editing, proofing and spelling prior to sub- mission. Statements of selected artists will be printed and included for reference in a binder during the exhibition and provided for the on-line catalog. Due to the need of properly manipulating the artist statements for online use, a Word document is required. If individual artworks require separate statements, please submit each statement as a separate word doc and name each to match the submitted image on disc.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume in PDF form. Resumes/CVs of selected artists will be printed and included for reference in a binder along with the Artist Statement. Due to potential formatting concerns, this must be provided as a PDF doc.

One (1) Hi-res JPEG image PER ARTWORK ENTRY (required)/ Three (3) artwork entries MAXIMUM per artist: In general, characteristics for hi-resolution images to provide include:
Average file size: 2-5 MB; Minimum Resolution: 300 dpi with a minimum 5 x 7” image format. Recommended: 1900 ppi

Images must be professional in quality - no informal shots please. If artwork is selected for exhibition, these pho- tos will be used “as is” for preliminary juror selections, the website and promotional materials. Please do NOT provide any image file other than JPEG.

Label each JPEG image as follows:

Artist_Name_01, Artist_Name _02, Artist_Name _03. (ex. Joe_Smith_01) Detail shots, if necessary, may be included for 3-dimensional works only.

Label 3-D detail images as follows:

Artist_Name_01a; Artist_Name_02a; Artist_Name_03a. (ex. Joe_Smith_01a) No more than one additional detail per 3-dimensional entry. Please do not provide detail shots for 2-D entries: they will not be considered.

Artwork Submissions Must have been completed within the last 3 years (2014-2017). Same entries cannot have been submitted in a prior year: they will not be considered.

Jeff Reed's "Man and Nature."

Jeff Reed, Man and Nature, 2015. FW Artist’s Ink on wood panel. 8 x 10” Courtesy of the artist. 
 Naoto Ishikawa "Kumo-no-Ito (The Spider’s Thread)",
Naoto Ishikawa, Kumo-no-Ito (The Spider’s Thread), 2015. Partially painted clay vessels on painted board. 24 x 48 x 2” Courtesy of the artist.


Important Dates
Postmark Deadline for Entries: Sat. June 24, 2017

Notification Letters Mailed: Week of August 7, 2017
Postmark Deadline for Shipped Artwork (for out-of-area entries only): Mon. August 21, 2017

Local Hand-Delivery of Works to Gallery: Sat. and Sun. August 26 and 27, 2017, 12-4pm

Exhibition Dates: Sat. September 16 - Thurs. October 26, 2017 Opening Reception: Sat. September 23, 2017, 2-5pm
Awards Announced: 3:30pm
Pick-Up of Hand Delivered Works: Sat. and Sun. October 28 and October 29, 2017, 12-4pm
Return Shipments of Work (for out-of-area only): Week of Oct. 30, 2017

Download and print additional copies of the prospectus at: http://www.inkclay43.com
Gallery telephone number: 909-869-4302
E-mail: artgalleries@cpp.edu
This prospectus may be photocopied, emailed and distributed as needed.

Juror Biographies


Photo of Anne Martens

Curatorial Juror, Anne Martens, is engaged in the Los Angeles art community in many contexts: as an artist, as a curator of exhibitions, as a writer and editor for art publications, as a creator of interpretive content for a major museum. Consequently, her experiences often combine these roles of artist, art historian, journalist, and media producer. Anne holds an MA in journalism from the University of Maryland and an MFA in photography from The Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. Her art practice is rooted in photography and installation and investigates the nature of visual perception and memory. Exhibitions she has curated have focused on the intersection of painting and sculpture. Since 2009, she has frequently contributed to Artillery magazine and has also guest-edited issues devoted to contemporary art photography. From 2003 to 2012, she served as an LA based critic for Flash Art International. At the J. Paul Getty Museum, Anne is a media writer and producer of interpretive content targeted to public audiences. Media platforms include audio and video, websites, social media, and in-gallery presentations. Earlier careers ranged from designing webpages for an internet company to teaching journalism and art, to covering labor politics as a photojournalist in Washington, DC.

Photo of Joan Takayama-Ogawa Clay Juror Joan Takayama-Ogawa comes from a family whose involvement in ceramics goes back six generations. She studied under the renowned Ralph Bacerra and went on to develop work that used ancient Japanese ceramic forms as a guide in creating contemporary pieces that utilize decoration and imagery of an American lifestyle. She continues to push the boundaries of ceramics by integrating clay with digital and rapid prototyping technologies. Her ceramics are in the permanent collections of the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, deYoung Museum Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco, World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Icheon, South Korea, Princessehof Leewarden Nationaal Keramiek Museum, Leeuwarden, Netherlands, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Oakland Museum of California, Long Beach Museum of Art, American Museum of Ceramic Art, Racine Art Museum, George Ohr Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana, Hallmark Collection, and Celestial Seasoning Tea Company. She served as a Pasadena Design Commissioner and on the Board of Directors, American Museum of Ceramic Art. In 2007, she received a Center of Cultural Innovation Investing in Arts Equipment Grant to purchase a large, new front-loading energy efficient grant. In 2004, she was Otis Teacher of the Year and Commencement Speaker. Publications include over 30 books and magazines.

Photo of Nancy Jo HaselbacherClay Juror Nancy Jo Haselbacher was born in New York City and raised in rural New England, examines the ephemeral traces of inhabitation in physical spaces through her work. She explores issues of mystery, movement, and presence within the body and the landscape through forms of printmaking and photography. As a hybrid of fine artist and graphic designer, Nancy taught digital media for fifteen years and ran a small printmaking workshop in Boston before moving to Los Angeles to become Creative Director at the executive search firm, Korn/Ferry International. In 2004 she returned to the studio and academia earning an M.F.A. in Printmaking from The Rhode Island School of Design. She now maintains Indelible Press studio and an independent curating practice in Los Angeles while teaching printmaking as an Associate Professor at the Otis College of Art and Design. Her exhibition venues include Temple University in Rome, The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, The Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia in Italy, The Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, The Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Connecticut, and The Museum of Urban Art and Culture in Boston. In 2016 and 2017, two versions of her large-scale, library-based installation, Borrowed, Mystery, Romance and Knowledge were featured in both Unbound: Contemporary Artists Inspired by Books at the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum in Virginia as an installation, and in the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum exhibition, Chapters: Book Arts in Southern California.


Images top to Bottom: Photo Portrait of Anne Martens, Photo Portrait of Joan Takayama-Ogawa, Photo Portrait of Nancy Jo Haselbacher