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Proposed Artwork Donations

Proposed Artwork Donations

Proposed Artwork Donations

Periodically, the Donation Art Committee meets to consider proposed donations of art to the University Permanent Collection. To propose a donation of art for consideration please review the current Art Donation Policy:

Gallery visitor enjoying Sasha vom Dorp’s high-resolution video.  navigate down for further details
Gallery visitor enjoying Sasha vom Dorp’s high-resolution and color-filled, immersive video installation projection exhibited in 2018 at the Kellogg University Art Gallery.

College of Environmental Design Donation Policy for Gifts of Art to the University Permanent Collections

Effective January 1, 2004, the College of Environmental Design instituted a formal donation acceptance policy for all gifts of art donated to the University Art Collection at Cal Poly Pomona. The need to enforce the donation policy arrives directly on the heels of the California and CSU budget crisis (of 2004). With ever soaring costs related to properly storing, conserving, and insuring these valuable collections, combined with severe space limitations for existing artwork, the College has been forced to redefine what constitutes an acceptable gift and what is required to maintain it.

The following framework identifies the guidelines that will be taken into consideration before a gift is accepted:

  • The donated works should be consistent with the collection goals of promoting an appreciation of the visual arts and design, and be relevant to the overall definition and purposes of the collection.
  • The donation should have the potential to serve as a study resource for the Southern California community of designers and scholars.
  • The works should be of sufficiently high quality and value so that they can be exhibited on campus, and they should have the potential to be loaned for exhibit. Decorative art, art reproductions, and objects that have very little or no secondary market value will not be accepted into the collections.
  • The works should have the potential to be utilized in the foreseeable future.
  • If the donation in all probability will result in major future expenses for the university for conservation, maintenance, and insurance of the art works, provisions should be made to offset those expenses.
  • If the university is unable to give the items the proper care (this includes environmentally controlled and secure storage space) the works will not be accepted.
  • Finally, in accordance with current Internal Revenue Service regulations, a certified appraisal will still be required for all gifts valued at $5,000.00 and above.
  • In certain situations (dependent upon the value of the gift), an additional financial contribution will be required by the College to help fund a special maintenance endowment to care for collections.


To Propose a Donation...

For more information on the Art Donation Policy, or to inquire about donating artwork to the University, College of Environmental Design or Art Department, please contact: University Art Galleries & Collections Curator, Michele Cairella Fillmore via email at: michelec@cpp.edu with “ Art Donation Proposal” with “ Prospective Donor’s Last Name” written in the Subject Line.

University Art Gallery Curator and Gallery Student Assistant Staffers

University Art Gallery Curator and Gallery Student Assistant Staffers receiving a shipment of artwork on loan from artist Sasha vom Dorp for his Huntley Gallery exhibition Sasha vom Dorp: Prequel to 2018, 2016. Counter clockwise: University Galleries and Collections Curator, Michele Cairella Fillmore; Art History major Raynell MacDonald (2015-17);  visiting artist Sasha vom Dorp; Graphic Design major Alexandra Vasquez (2015-17); Art History major Jesus Corona de Niz (2016-17); Architecture/Psychology major Tiffany Truong (2014-16).