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Special Events

Special Events

Special Events

Gallery Courtyard Special Event with musical performance by friend of the galleries, Robert Grajeda, and his band in 2014.

For Special Events Requests

Considerations for Special Events in the Kellogg University Art Gallery Courtyard are similar to “Group Tour” and “Large Group Visit” Requests. When making a “Special Event Request” please state the following in your emailed request:

  1. state the name of your off- or on-campus organization; or your class course number, class or group name and University/College affiliation when applicable;
  2. provide the full name of your group’s main contact or point-person; or faculty/staff member making the request;
  3. provide contact person’s cell number and email;
  4. supply expected or estimated number of total people in the group incl. any or all chaperones, faculty, aux. staff, special guests, etc.;
  5. whether or not your event group would like to visit the gallery’s exhibition (requires staff to gain access);
  6. date and time of event requested (please try stay within regular open hours to ensure greater chance of staff availability, otherwise added charges to cover staff wages may apply);
  7. approximate expected duration of event;
  8. request special accommodations for disabled persons, if applicable;
  9. request any possible needs for microphone equipment, tables or electrical access (see Other Considerations below);
  10. confirm if a guided gallery tour or introductory group talk is needed, or if group will be self-guided, or faculty-guided.

Other Considerations:

Kellogg Gallery Courtyard catered Special Event.  navigate down for further details
Kellogg Gallery Courtyard catered Special Event in conjunction with a gallery exhibition’s Opening Reception, 2015. Food and drinks limited to outside area only.

The Gallery, including its Outdoor Courtyard Sculpture Garden, is a space that involves loans of artwork that are the personal property of private lenders to the University, or artworks that were donated to the University’s Permanent Collections, for the duration of an exhibition. The main function and priority of the University Galleries is to honor and exhibit the artists and artworks on display. If an event’s activities or group size is deemed inappropriate for the Gallery spaces, a Special Event Request may be declined.

Use of the Kellogg University Art Gallery Courtyard requires fees to cover any staffing costs based on the number of the expected attendees in order to protect the safety and security of the facility and artworks on display.

Set up for events require a minimum of 1-hour set-up time prior to the event start time, and a minimum of 1 hour for post-event clean up. Gallery Staff must be present during the entirety of the set-up and clean up times in order to accommodate needs and for the required safety and security of artworks on display, incl. those in the Sculpture Garden area. Appropriate fees are included to cover those staffing costs.

The Courtyard is an outdoor open-air space so time of year considerations (chilly evenings) and any inclement weather conditions (rain, wind) should be considered when making a request. No awnings, canopy covers, tented structures or heat lamps are available from the gallery, but safe, stand-alone covers may be brought into the courtyard and assembled by the requestor upon safety approval. Heat lamps must also be deemed safe and approved in advance. No structures or extensions may be attached to the building.

The Courtyard has limited lighting at night so early evening events may be affected by Daylight Savings Time during certain periods of the year. The time of day for any event should consider the effects of sunset times (as early as the 4 o’clock hour in winter months) or as they change throughout the year prior to planning a special event. No special lighting sources are available from the gallery, but safe, stand-alone lights may be brought into the courtyard and connected to electrical extensions by the requestor upon advanced request and safety approval. No structures or extensions may be attached to the building.

The gallery does not supply access to water, restrooms, seating, catering, linens or service ware. Restrooms are available in the Library (Building 15) across from the University Art Gallery. Please check Library Hours for buildings access. If the Library is closed during an event, the Gallery would require added staff to man access to restrooms in the Bronco Student Center. This option may not always be available.

Limited banquet tables, microphone and amplifier may be available for use at an additional charge.

Music or musical events are welcome as long as decibel levels are reasonable and do not cause excessive vibrations that could harm the art on display, or other event or classes nearby.

How to request a Special Outdoor Event at the Kellogg University Art Gallery Courtyard

Located outside of the Kellogg University Art Gallery, Building 35A, on the north end of the Bronco Student Union, is a delightful somewhat enclosed garden courtyard known as the Kellogg University Art Gallery Sculpture Garden & Courtyard. On-campus groups, or groups coming from off-campus, that would like to request an Outdoor Special Event may make a special request to:

University Art Galleries & Collections Curator, Michele Cairella Fillmore via email at: michelec@cpp.edu with " Special Event - Private" or " Special Event - Public" (depending on need of the request) written in the Subject Line.

Don B. Huntley in front of the gallery speaking to 2 people