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The University Art Galleries and Permanent Collections rely on the generosity of alumni, friends, visitors and supporters of the visual arts, in order to help sustain its operations, exhibition programming, art-related events and lectures, employ student assistants with their development and training in galleries and collections practice, museum studies, visual communication design, interior space design, architecture and art collections management and preservation with its standards of excellence, and as a “learn-by-doing” institution.  Your investment helps in the following ways:

Young visitor engaged in Rebecca Campbell.  navigate down for further details
Young visitor engaged in Rebecca Campbell section of About Face exhibition. Exhibited at the Kellogg University Art Gallery, March 4 through April 27, 2017. Accompanied by Student Assistant and Art History major, Atineh Movsesian (2016-19).

Kellogg University Art Gallery

Affiliated with the already long-established Kellogg University Art Gallery Endowment, a donation to this fund assists in the highly essential operational support of gallery exhibitions, events and programs, whilst supporting the staffing of art, art history, public relations, visual communication design and architecture majors with on-campus gallery and/or art collections-related jobs to build upon their resumes and supplement their education with valuable “hands-on” real-world experience.

University Art Collections Conservation & Maintenance

Affiliated with the Col. Jones Collection Maintenance Endowment, a donation to this endowment serves to promote and support our visual and fine arts collection, and encourages future prospective donations for collections and maintenance of collections. A donation to this very important need will help to support all preservation efforts including, but not limited to, conservation or restoration efforts for artworks that do not otherwise have endowment protections, necessary re-framing and display needs, storage, maintenance and specialized student collections assistant staffing and training support.

University Art Collections Storage & Research

Established in part by Don B. Huntley, a donation to this very essential cause serves to support any expenses associated with the research, storage, conservation and preservation of the University’s Art Collections. Continued enhancements to the maintenance and preservation of the University Art Collections as a whole entails the in-depth art historical research of all its contents –its donated and acquired objects, archives and artworks– over the University’s decades of its history of collecting practice. Public and private donations to this essential need will help fund the professional photography and development of a proper Collections Catalogue and Research Website, in turn, allowing for better ability to get grant funding for the Collections’ continued preservation and storage needs over time, and the prospective development of a state-of-the-art Art Storage & Research Center in order to preserve all the University’s Collections for perpetuity.

Kellogg University Art Gallery receiving a large-scale work on loan from artist Jim Morphesis for his retrospective exhibition Jim Morphesis: Passion and Presence, Memento and Myth, 2017-2018.

You Can Make All the Difference!

Your investments play a critical role in the lives of our students, the strength and functionality of our galleries and the preservation of our collections. Your contribution can impact our ability to make advances in the planning and preservation of our collections, the development of exhibitions that impact society and create important and educational dialogs and real opportunities for all our visitors, artists, alumni and students alike.

Any and all donation amounts are always welcomed. No donation is ever too small.

Also, consider us for end-of-the-year donations for your annual tax deduction purposes, or anytime, and all year-round!

To Make a Donation...

To make a tax-deductible donation in any amount click on the button below.

Make a Donation


For more information on making any monetary donation, or to inquire about donating funds to the Kellogg University Art Gallery, or for the preservation of the University’s Permanent Collections, and future prospective Storage & Research Center, please contact: University Art Galleries & Collections Curator, Michele Cairella Fillmore via email at: michelec@cpp.edu with “ Making a Monetary Donation” written in the Subject Line.

Thank you in advance for any donation you make!

Unreal Engine-based virtual exhibition designs of the Kellogg Gallery’s exhibition.  navigate down for further details
Visual Communication Design and Architecture major Student Assistants assisted Art faculty member Kevin Moore in creating Rhinoceros- and Unreal Engine-based virtual exhibition designs of the Kellogg Gallery’s exhibition space during COVID-19 pandemic, 2020. 2d3d+ Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition, Polykroma 2020. Curated by Michele Cairella Fillmore.