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Transfer Students

Welcome to CPP! We are so thankful that you chose to continue your education at CPP. If you haven't done so already, please become familiar with PolyTransfer, they are a helpful on-campus resource dedicated to helping transfer students.

PolyTransfer - Supporting Transfer Students

Below are commonly asked questions by College of Science Transfer Students. If you have any additional questions, you may contact us.

1. I want to come to Cal Poly Pomona. How do I know what classes I need to take?

It is best that you meet with your community college advisor to determine which classes to take.

2. Where do I find my transfer credit report on BroncoDirect?

It is under “View Transfer Credit Report” in BroncoDirect. The transfer credit report contains courses taken at community colleges and other universities. It is important for students to view their transcript report, to determine if all of their courses have transferred correctly.

3. My transfer credit report states that my transfer credit courses do not have an equivalent course at CPP. However, I would like the course to be considered for a specific requirement in my major. Whom should I speak to about this?

You will need to meet with advisor to initiate a petition. For advising appointment information visit,

4. What should I do if my transfer courses are not included in the transfer credit report?

Contact the Admissions & Outreach Office to find out if Cal Poly Pomona has received your transcript from the transfer institution. Please note that it may take up to a quarter for work to show up on your transfer credit report, after you have had a transcript sent to Cal Poly Pomona.

5. I completed (or will be completing) a course at Cal Poly Pomona that is equivalent to one of my transfer courses wherein I received a grade that is lower than a C. Can I have that transfer credit course grade excluded from my GPA?

You can request an update for the grade you received in your transfer course to be removed from the calculation of your grade point average by meeting with your advisor. Upon obtaining the necessary approval, return the form to the Registrar's Office for recording. Remember, the Grade Forgiveness Policy can be applied to a maximum of 16 quarter or 24 semester units on transfer or CPP coursework.

6. I am thinking of taking a class at a local community college to satisfy one of my lower-division requirements. Where can I get more information about equivalencies?

Go to to check for established articulation agreements between colleges and universities and Cal Poly Pomona. If you have questions or would like clarification, please come to the Advising Center and speak to an advisor.

7. I heard I could only transfer 105 quarter (70 semester) units from my community college. However, more than 105 units are showing in my report. Why?

There are specific unit limitations to what can be transferred and/or applied toward your degree at Cal Poly Pomona. Although the maximum number of units that can be applied toward your Cal Poly Pomona degree from the community college is 105 quarter (70 semester) units, subject credit will still be awarded for all transferable courses.

8. I completed all my GE’s at the community college. Why do I have to take more GE’s here at Cal Poly?

The GE courses that you took at the community college are lower division courses (1000-2000). There are three GE areas that are required Upper Division Synthesis courses (3000-4000 level). These GE’s are B5- Science & Technology Synthesis, C4 (Quarter) or C3 (Semester)- Humanities Synthesis, & D4- Social Science Synthesis. Your support courses for your major may cover these courses. Consult an Advisor in the Advising Center (Building 3, Room 1645) for more information.

9. What is a General Education Certification?

“Certification” refers to official notification from a California community college that a transfer student has completed courses fulfilling CSU general education requirements.

10. Does Cal Poly Pomona accept both CSU Breadth General Education Certification and Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)?

Yes, when it is completed in accordance with Executive Order 1033.

11. I completed the CSU Breadth General Education Certification pattern or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC). Does this mean I met the American Cultural Perspectives Requirement?

Completing the CSU Breadth General Education Certification pattern or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) does not guarantee satisfaction of the American Cultural Perspectives Requirement. Contact the Registrar's Office for more details.

Every effort has been made to provide students with the most accurate information for advising purposes. However, this information may be amended or changed at any time. Please continuously check your CPP email for updates. Should you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact the College of Science Advising Center.  Webpage last updated: September 2020