College of Science Advising Center

Veteran Students

The College of Science Advising Center is a military-friendly center. We are grateful for the service that our Veteran’s students have given our country. In the Advising Center, we partner with the Veterans Resource Center to create a supportive environment to help our Veteran students be successful.

The Veterans Resource Center provides veterans and military personnel with centralized information, support, guidance and community. If you have questions related to your Veteran student status, please feel free to call them at 909-869-6994, or email:  Here are some benefits the VRC offers to students:

  • Introduction to veteran-specific services
  • Referrals to campus and community programs and services
  • Veterans Resource Advisors
  • Peer support, counseling and guidance
  • Assistance with navigating policies and procedures
  • Opportunities to meet other veterans
  • Workshops and discussion groups

 Every effort has been made to provide students with the most accurate information for advising purposes. However, this information may be amended or changed at any time. Please continuously check your CPP email for updates. Should you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact the College of Science Advising Center.  Webpage last updated: September 2020