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Academic Policies, Procedures, & Forms

Academic Policies & Procedures

You may also view more Academic Policies on the University catalog here.

For a comprehensive list of University Academic Policies & Procedures, please visit the Registrar's office website, here.

Academic Standing

Probation with Contract (formerly Academic Disqualification) 

Should you find yourself in this academic standing, please visit the COS Advising Center to determine your options.

Retroactive Withdrawal

Retroactive Withdrawal is a Cal Poly Pomona process that allows students to petition to withdraw from all classes in one or more terms after those terms have ended. Students must apply for retroactive withdrawal within one calendar year from the last day of the term they unofficially withdrew from their classes and provide a clear explanation of why they did not withdraw from the university by filing appropriate forms with the Registrar’s Office during the term(s) in question. You may find the form and more information here.


University Forms

For a comprehensive list of University Forms please visit the Registrar's office website, here.

You may also find Office of Student Success Forms, here.

Course Substitution or Acceptance of Transfer Coursework Request

You may use a Course Substitution form when you believe that the work you did in a class at a previous institution is comparable to a course at Cal Poly Pomona. You will need to provide a course description, course syllabus, and in some case assignments. This form should also be used for a direct substitution for coursework taken at Cal Poly Pomona. This form should be completed with an academic advisor or faculty advisor.

General Academic Petition

This form should be completed with an academic advisor or faculty advisor. It should be used to fulfill degree discrepancies for other items that are requiring petitioning that cannot otherwise be completed through a course substitution form. 

Grade Forgiveness through Course Repetition

You may seek grade forgiveness through repeating a course. When you ask for forgiveness for a course, the grade and the units will not be calculated into the GPA. The forgiven grade will appear on the transcript. However, after the grade forgiveness is completed the new grade will be used in the GPA calculation. You are allotted 16 semester units of Grade Forgiveness (or 24 quarter units). An Advisor must sign off on the form and you must submit it to the Registrar’s Office. You may only submit grade forgiveness after you have repeated the course and received a grade. Consult an Advisor in the Advising Center (Building 3, Room 1645) for more information.

Petition to Exceed Unit Cap

This form is to be completed during the Add/ Drop period when you would like to increase your unit load over  18 units.

Request for Class Withdrawal for Serious & Compelling Reasons

This is form to be used to withdraw from one or more classes during a specific term.

Waive Restrictions on Course Repeats

This form is to be used if you request to take a class for the fourth time or if you would like to repeat a course you did not earn a "C" or higher in.

Schedule Conflict Override Petition

This form is to be used if there is any time overlap in courses you are trying to take in the same term.



Every effort has been made to provide students with the most accurate information for advising purposes. However, this information may be amended or changed at any time. Please continuously check your CPP email for updates. Should you have any questions regarding the above information, please feel free to contact the College of Science Advising Center or visit us drop-in during our advising hours found here. Webpage last updated: January 2019