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Registration and Permission Numbers

Permission numbers, also commonly called add codes, are one-use codes that allow you to enroll in a course that is full, requires consent or requires requisites (pre- or corequisites).

If you need a permission number for a course, please contact/email the department specifically or the instructor teaching the class. The Advising Center does not have access to distribute permission numbers.

When you request a permission number from the department or instructor, make sure to include the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Bronco ID Number
  • Class Name (subject and course number)
  • Class Number (five-digit number)
  • Section Number


For more information about permission numbers, refer to Step 3: Registering for Courses in the Registration Guide.


*If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at

Visit the Registrar's Office information on Permission to Add

Student Resources

The COS Advising Center handles the pledge/ promise programs. Please also view the university's website  for further information. 

Transfer Work

Are you a current CPP student thinking of taking a course over the summer at a local community college? Go to or visit CPP's Semester Articulation Agreements. Please always consult with an advisor in our office before taking courses.

The articulation agreements published in TES are for regionally-accredited institutions outside of California, non-public California institutions, Joint Services Transcript (JST) coursework/experience with American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations, and CPP General Education area equivalency for courses transferred from other CSUs/UCs. You can view agreements with schools on the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) page.

Requirements and General Education Program

If you are quarter student following the quarter curriculum, please use the following GE Tool to discover the appropriate GE's needed to graduate.

If you are a semester student following the semester curriculum, please view the GE list through the catalog for your curriculum. 

An alternate pattern for partial fulfillment of GE Areas A, C, and D available for students is the Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE) program.  Students should see an advisor for specific GE coursework required by their major. Please refer to the University Catalog General Education Program section for additional information.

How IGE fulfills General Education Requirements:

Year Completion of IGE Courses Satisfies GE Requirements
First IGE 1100IGE 1200 A2 and C2
Second/Third IGE 2150, IGE 2250
IGE 2350
IGE 3100 
D1 and C2
C3 or D4

General Education Courses Grade Required

   GE Area A1 Oral Communication

  • COMM 1100
  • COM 2204

   GE Area A2 Written Communication

  • ENG 1100 and ENG 1101 – Stretch Composition
  • ENG 1103 – First Year Composition

   GE Area A3 Critical Thinking

  • ENG 2105
  • PHL 2020

   GE Area B4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
















See catalog for complete list of courses

Area A: English Language Communication and Critical Thinking (9 units)

At least 3 units from each sub-area
1. Oral Communication
2. Written Communication
3. Critical Thinking

Area B: Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning (12 units)

At least 3 units from each sub-area
1. Physical Sciences
2. Life Sciences
3. Laboratory Activity
4. Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
5. Science and Technology Synthesis

Area C: Arts and Humanities (12 units)

At least 3 units from each sub-area and 3 additional units from sub-areas 1 and/or 2
1. Visual and Performing Arts
2. Literature, Modern Languages, Philosophy and Civilization
3. Arts and Humanities Synthesis

Area D: Social Sciences (9 units)
At least 3 units from each sub-area
1. U.S. History and American Ideals
2. U.S. Constitution and California Government
4. Social Science Synthesis

Area E: Lifelong Learning and Self-Development (3 units)

Area F: Ethnic Studies (3 units)

Impacted Majors

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Kinesiology (General)
  • Physics

Graduation and Commencement

If you are in your last semester at CPP, completing all of your degree requirements you will need to apply for graduation in order to receive your degree, please view the Graduation Application Timeline.

To make sure you are ready to apply for graduation, review this checklist ahead of your advising session.

  1. Review your Degree Progress Report.
    • Confirm which degree requirements are met, in-progress, planned or approved through a submittedpetition.
    • If you think you may need a petition for a course requirement, connect with an advisor during thebreakout session.
    • If you have any “I” or “ RP” grades, work on resolving them. You can connect with the instructor(s)that gave you these grades if you have questions.
    • If you need to officially declare a minor, contact the minor coordinator to declare and confirm anyremaining requirements.
  2. Review your Transcript.
    • You can find your unofficial transcript in your Student Center. Click on the lefthand corner menu ofthe Academics box on your homepage.
    • Ensure you will reach at least 120 units by the end of final term. Your major may require more than120 units, so refer to your curriculum sheet for confirmation.
    • Go to the bottom of your transcript to find your overall units earned and enter in the calculatorbelow.
      • Your Overall Units:
      • + In-Progress Units:
      • + Planned Units:
      • Total:
  3. Ensure your GPAs are in Good Academic Standing (at least a 2.0).
    • Use your Degree Progress Report in your Student Center to review your Major, CPP and OverallGPAs.
  4. Complete CPP Connect Planner ( with any remaining coursework.
  5. Check your holds in your Student Center and take care of any holds that prevent registration.
  6. Review the Steps To Senior Success.

Fall 2022, Spring 2023, and Summer 2023 grads.

Career Advising Information

You can meet with the Career Center for career advising. You may view the appointment information with the Career Center here. To make an appointment, you will need to schedule it through CPP Connect. View more information about the Career Center here

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