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Department Majors

For major-specific questions, career and graduate school advising, information on changing majors, and information about minors offered or for declaring a minor, contact the appropriate department directly. 

Biology Department

Chair: Dr. Erin Questad
Associate Chair: Dr. Juanita K. Jellyman

Degrees offered
Environmental Biology

Programs offered

General Biology, B.S.
Biotechnology, B.S.
Environmental Biology, B.S.

Chemistry & Biochemistry Department

Chair: Dr. Gregory Barding
Associate Chair: Dr. Kathryn McCulloch

Degrees offered

Programs offered:

Computer Science Department

Chair: Dr. Daisy Tang
Associate Chair: Dr. Amar Raheja

Degrees offered:
Computer Science

Programs offered:
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Geological Sciences Department

Chair: Dr. Jonathan A. Nourse

Degrees offered:
Programs offered:
Geology, B.S. 
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Kinesiology & Health Promotion Department

Chair: Dr. Laura Chase
Associate Chair: Dr. Ken Hansen

Degrees offered:

Programs offered:
Kinesiology, B.S. - General
Kinesiology, B.S. - Pedagogical

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Mathematics & Statistics Department

Chair: Dr. Berit Givens
Associate Chair: Dr. Jennifer Switkes

Degrees offered:

Programs offered:
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Physics & Astronomy Department

Chair: Dr. Nina Abramzon and Dr. Alex Small

Degrees offered:

Programs offered:

SEES Department

Director: Dr. Steve Alas

About SEES:

Science Educational Enhancement Services (SEES) is a support and engagement program serving historically low socioeconomic, under-represented minority (URM) students in the College of Science.

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CEMaST Department

Director: Dr. Paul Beardsley

About CEMaST:
The Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is the primary vehicle through which the College of Science serves the educational community. CEMaST is committed to improving mathematics and science teaching and learning for pre K-16 students.

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