Education Department (EDU)

Create a culture of innovation and inclusion in the classroom and beyond

With a degree or credential from our education department, you will be prepared for a career that enables you to make a truly meaningful, powerful impact in your community. We offer a bachelor's degree in early childhood studies (ECS), liberal studies or through the Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP), as well as post-baccalaureate programs that include credential programs to become a teacher, master's in education, and doctorate of educational leadership

In our various programs, you’ll learn by doing, with in-classroom and innovative learning experiences like building robots to teach math, or building cities to study social issues. Our interdisciplinary programs connects the dots and show you how to help students become well-rounded people who function more successfully in an increasingly complex world. As a core value of Cal Poly Pomona, inclusiveness and a commitment to social justice is blended into our curriculum. 

Career possibilities and opportunities

As a teacher or a school administrator, you’ll be the number one influencer in helping young people realize their potential. Our strong relationships with school districts in the area give you the connections to gain both real classroom teaching experiences while you’re going to college and good job prospects once you complete our programs.