Credential Programs

Teacher Intern

Cal Poly Pomona offers the following Teacher Intern Credentials:

  • Multiple Subjects
  • Single Subjects 
  • Education Specialist Mild/Moderate
  • Education Specialist Moderate/Severe

All programs are accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)

Requirements for obtaining an Intern Credential

When a search for a fully qualified teacher is not successful, school districts may consider the option of hiring an individual who meets the requirements for an Intern Credential and shows great promise of being highly successful and has the experience and maturity to learn the craft of teaching while being employed as the teacher of record for a class.

To be considered Intern Eligible, all potential candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Be admitted to the appropriate post-baccalaureate credential program
  • Hold 100% Subject Matter Competence
  • Meet the GPA requirement (2.67 cumulative or 2.75 in the last 60 semester units)
  • Meet the U.S. Constitution requirement (NOTE: CSU graduates automatically meet the requirement. All other candidates should consult with the Credential Analyst.)
  • Review the Teacher Intern Orientation online 
  • Complete the Teacher Intern Program interview
  • Have successfully completed the following courses:
Education Specialist Multiple Subject Single Subject
EDU 5010 EDU 5010 EDU 5010
EDU 5020 EDU 5020 EDU 5020
EDU 5100 EDU 5100 EDU 5200
EDU 5302 EDU 5302 EDU 5302

Note: Students possessing a Multiple or Single Subject Credential who seek admission to the Education Specialist Internship Program do not have to complete pre-requisite courses. 

How to Begin the Intern Eligibility Process

To begin the intern eligibility process, please submit your request for an Intern Eligibility review here

Once all of the eligibility requirements have been completed, candidates will be issued the Intern Eligibility Letter by the Credential Analyst. The letter of eligibility is needed when the district extends an offer of employment.

When You Receive an Offer of Employment 

Upon receipt of an appropriate written Offer of Employment from an approved district or educational agency:

Contact Renee Samaan:

You will be notified of items required to secure the Intern Credential

What Happens Next?

  • Permission to register for Intern Clinical Practice will be required each semester
  • After the first semester of Intern Clinical Practice, if further courses or testing requirements remain, extended intern supervision will be required in order to provide continued support and guidance. Extended Intern Supervision consists of 3-4 visits each semester; a minimum of one of those visits must be face to face. Interns will receive this continued level of supervision each semester, until: 1) all requirements for the preliminary credential have been met or 2) the intern credential expires or 3) employment as a teacher intern ends.