Credential Programs



A Credential Program is a program of professional coursework (including Clinical Practice) which develops the skills needed for serving in the classroom.  This includes coursework in areas such as teaching methodologies, curriculum development and classroom management.

Cal Poly Pomona offers three Basic Teaching Credentials, two Specialist Credentials, two Certification Programs as well as one Advanced Credential.

Basic Teaching Credentials:

  • Education Specialist Credential (Special Education): Options are available in Mild/Moderate Disabilities and Moderate/Severe Disabilities
  • Multiple Subject Credential (Elementary School)
  • Single Subject Credentials (Middle and High School) available in: Agriculture; Art; English; Physical Education; Mathematics (currently there are two options available); Music; Science (currently there are nine options available); Social Science; and World Languages (Spanish). 

Specialist Credentials:

  • Agriculture Specialist Credential - May be added onto a Single Subject Credential in Agriculture.
  • Adapted Physical Education Credential - May be added onto a Single Subject Credential in Physical Education, Special Education or onto a Multiple Subject Credential.


  • Bilingual Authorization Certification - Available in Cantones, Mandarin and Spanish. May be added onto any Single Subject, Multiple Subject or Education Specialist Credential at Cal Poly Pomona. 

Advanced Credentials:

  • Administrative Services Credential (Principals/School Administration) - Requires a Basic Teaching or Services Credential and five years of relevant experience. 

There are several options available in lieu of some of the most common exams:

*It is important to note that the RICA is the only exam without an alternate option at this time. In addition, it is not required for candidates seeking the Single Subject credential. 

Verifications of Basic Skills and Subject Matter competence are required for admission into the University and for admission into the Credential Programs.

The Basic Skills Requirement is mandatory for all educators. Competence in basic reading, writing and math skills must be met by providing verification of the Basic Skills Requirement

All educators must show comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the subject areas they will be teaching. A variety of options are available to meet this requirement. Verification of the Subject Matter Competence requirement is required for program admission.

The Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) is an examination designed to ensure that prospective teachers have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective reading instruction for K-8 students.  Passage of the RICA is required for the Multiple Subject Credential and for the Education Specialist Credential.  For more information on the RICA please visit 

It can take one to two years to earn a Basic Teaching Credential. Most students prefer to take some more time and complete the program in two to three years.  Interns are allowed a maximum of two years to complete the program, once issued a University Internship Credential. 

An Intern is someone who is employed full-time as a teacher, at a California public school and is concurrently completing a Credential Program.  Interns complete the same requirements as standard students, just in a different manner.  For more information on the Intern Programs at Cal Poly Pomona, please view the requirements here: 

This information is available here:

For the most current fee information, and for Financial Aid options, please visit the Financial Aid website:  Additionally, there is the TEACH Grant available:

There are a variety of support services available to students at Cal Poly Pomona. Faculty Advisors are assigned to students, according to credential type. Students will be directed to meet with their Advisors for program planning. Additionally, there is a staff Advisor available, so students may obtain general information and assistance. The Credential Services offices also has Credential Analysts, Clinical Practice Staff and a Coordinator available to assist). The offices are located in Building 6, on the second floor.

There are several steps to take in order to join the Credential Program at Cal Poly Pomona:

CTC is an abbreviation for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing; a state agency that administers legislation governing the preparation of teachers in California, sets standards for candidates and programs and ultimately issues credentials. The CTC website ( has comprehensive information available and students as well as educators are encouraged to visit it frequently for updates and important information.

Yes! The Credential Programs offered at Cal Poly Pomona, are fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). 

There are several authorizations available to add onto an existing Credential.  The most popular authorizations are:

  • Supplemental Authorizations
  • Subject Matter Authorizations
  • Added Teaching Subjects or Areas (Additional Credentials)

Due to the differences in requirements for each of the above categories, please visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) website for comprehensive information: