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Adapted Physical Education

What is the Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization?

The Adapted Physical Education Authorization is an authorization that you can add on to a Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist credential. It permits candidates to teach physical education to students with disabilities authorized by your credential. 

Courses are designed to ensure that candidates have opportunities to develop a broad education and philosophical background on which to base their APE program decisions. The authorization may be added to an existing credential or earned concurrently with a credential.

The Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization is not a standalone credential, it must be added onto an existing Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist credential. Classes for the added authorization can be taken concurrently with credential classes.

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The program is offered by the: College of Education and Integrative Studies, Education Department and College of Science, Kinesiology and Health Promotion Department. 

Prerequisites: If a non-Kinesiology major with a pedagogy option:

(1) Completion of the CSET with a passing score in the single subject area of physical education.

(2) Take Kinesiology core courses as prerequisites to the APE AA program.

Course Title Units Semesters
KIN 3030/L Physiology of Exercise 3/1 Fall/Spring
KIN 3040/L Introduction to Biomechanics 3/1 Fall/Spring
KIN 3620/A Motor Behavior 3/1 Fall/Spring

KIN 3550/A Physical Education Curriculum and Assessment  



If a Kinesiology major with a pedagogy option, these are the classes required:

Course Title Units Semesters
KIN 2406S/AS Introduction to Students with a Disability  3/1 Fall
KIN 4050S/AS Adapted Physical Education Fieldwork  1/1 Fall/Spring

*KIN 4310AS Student with Disabilities Field Experiences 

*KIN 4310AS must be taken two times. Co-requisites: KIN 4330S and KIN 4340

1 (2x) Fall/Spring
KIN 4320S Behavior Intervention and Support Plans in APE    3 Fall
KIN 4330S Motor Assessment Policies and Procedures in APE 3 Spring
KIN 4340 APE Program Development and Implementation 3 Fall

*KIN 4360 Clinical Practice in Adapted Physical Education 

*Not needed if completing single subject PE credential concurrently





KIN 4370 Adapted Physical Education Candidate Assessment



Additional Information

Please contact Dr. Lara Killick, Adapted Physical Education Program Coordinator, with further questions:

Location: Building 66, Room 218


Information about the Cal Poly Pomona Motor Development Clinic can be found here

Information about the SEEDS scholarship can be found here: